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Quite naive to say the least, I ventured into this blogging world not realizing exactly what I was getting myself into. I mean, I knew about the whole “writing creative and engaging content” thing, and of course, I had the “take the best pics with a complicated camera” rule down pact! But all of that other stuff – the meeting absolutely wonderful individuals who also share your same creative spirit – yeah, ya girl never got that memo! ūüėõ Responsively, and right on time, as usual, God showed up, helped me meet the freaking best blogging buddies, and I haven’t been the same since!

the hat logic

For July’s Chocolate Doctorate feature, we have my gal-pal and fellow blogger buddy, Jordan Chapman of The Hat Logic. The moniker, The Hat Logic, not only serves as her style staple, but also describes her lifestyle as well. For instance, she blogs, travels, attends school (in pursuit of dual-degrees, I might add), and has panache like no other! Read more to see how she handles it all while still remaining on top!

There are so many choices: sneakers, golden trinkets, and even apparel too…why hats?¬†

Out of everything¬†hat’s are my go to because they help me fix any hair situation! They’re a great accessory and with so many different styles, there’s never a bad one for a day!

the hat logic

¬† What’s your major(s)? Did you step into college knowing what you wanted to pursue or did it take awhile?

I’m doing a double major in international studies, which is basically international relations, and art history. I came in with everyone telling me I should go into business, but I knew I didn’t love it. I tried it my first semester, but hated all of the classes and really struggled, so I moved into political science and art history the next semester and fell in love. It wasn’t hard for me to find my path as I went after two of the things I loved most, politics and art. They don’t go together at all, but I love both of them and they really complete me.

How has blogging influenced your academic success thus far?

Oh boy, it’s really helped me learn how to manage my time. There are a lot of nights where I’m up til 2 am making sure my videos are rendering and uploading, but there are a lot of weeks where I go ahead and knock out my work so I can have time to focus on the blog or friends. It’s taught me how to study and make the most of the limited time that I do have.I budget a lot better now and it’s taught me a lot of valuable life skills about ¬†how to market myself and how to not be afraid of speaking to powerful people. I know what I want and in college, it’s hard to get there sometimes or know when to make a move. I’ve learned to be myself and also take each opportunity that I can to be better, but that’s something I learned in blogging.

the hat logicAs a blogger, you’re basically a creative entrepreneur – why did you choose to remain steadfast and pursue your education regardless?

Blogging is one of the paths that I’m considering going full time in after I graduate, but at the end of the day, there are so many different things I love, I would never drop the opportunity to go to school to be a full time¬†blogger. Don’t get me wrong, I love it and if I had the option, I may take a semester off, but I love learning too much not to. I want to know as much as I can about as many different things as possible, so I can’t even think of a life where I didn’t. And plus, if WordPress died tomorrow, I’d have to find something else to do with my life, so I’d rather have an education to fall back on in case blogging doesn’t become my future career.

When we first met, you mentioned how your father told you to establish a project that would get you into Emory University – what was this project and how did you go about making this decision?

Well I had already started the blog by then, so the project was more of making the blog into a business. This was well before people were making hundreds of thousands a year off their blogs, but he wanted me to be at the forefront of it all. Obviously, I’m not a top 10 blogger, but I’ve been learning along the way things that will help me be successful later on. The blog is my baby, but it’s also my business. I will never not thank my dad for that and I wish he could see all of the success that I’m hoping will come from it, but it’ll be great in the future.

Advice to others in college struggling to manage it all?

It takes time. Don’t ever rush it and force yourself to get it all at once. I’m in my second year and still don’t have it all down. Life comes at you hard and fast, when you least expect it. There are times when the blog sits empty because I’ve got 3 papers, 2 exams, and a presentation in 2 weeks and I just don’t have time. Don’t be too hard on yourself, it’s alright to mess up a bit, but pick yourself up and do better the next time.

the hat logic

Why is London your first love?

London is my first love because out of everywhere in the world, it’s where I feel at home. I’ve been about 5-6 times in the last 2 years, but each time it just takes my breath away. I never feel out of place and I feel like it’s somewhere I belong a lot moreso than Atlanta. A ¬†lot of my values and what I want in my future match up with the people I have met there, so I’ve fallen in love with it.
 the hat logic

¬†You’ve been all over Europe, basked in the tropical sunrises of Anguilla, and even explored the southern charm of South Carolina. Where to next?

Oo next? I’m going to London in September for Fashion Week, but I don’t know!! I may go up to North Carolina and Indiana to visit friends, but that’s about it! I’ve just gotten in from Cabo and New York on vacation and work, respectively, so I’m taking some time to myself to work and chill for a bit! I’m off on study abroad next year, so who knows where I’ll go off to then!

If you could travel anywhere with Tom Holland, where would the adventure begin?

Oooo okay so I’ve got this massive trip planned out with a future boyfriend so Tom will have to do haha! It’s one of those around the world trips, but better! So start off with a drive around the US, I’ve got a car, so starting in FL, we go up the East Coast, then drive across the country on a huge road trip to the west coast. Stop in Cali for a few days, then go further west, Hawaii, Australia, Bali, The Seychelles. Then, Croatia, the Middle East, Turkey, Egypt (I’m obsessed with Egypt, taking another Egyptology class with one of the top people in the world this year), then South Africa! After South Africa, I wanna be a daredevil and do all 7 continents on 1 trip and go to Antarctica! Dad and I had planned on it, but I’m going to do it for memories sake! Then up to Morocco¬†for some warmer weather before taking on Europe via train, ending in London! Longest trip EVER, but so so worth it!
the hat logic
Inspired much? This beauty has her goals, dreams, and aspirations that are well on their way to coming to fruition, and quite frankly, I’m pretty convinced that with any wide brimmed and kohl colored Stetson, fedora, or even beanie, she’s bound to conquer even more!
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Remember to Live Life, Beautifully ♥The Chocolate Doctorate

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