Natural Hair in the Workplace | Legal or Not?

Guess what, Shimmies! In the wake of Kentucky’s own Butler Traditional High School finally lifting its ban on African inspired hairstyles, I was recently contacted by Deborah Griffin, publicist for attorney Tracy Sanders,  to share some uplifting yet informative news!

Tracy Sanders, Esq. - Attorney, Author, Speaker Natural Hair and the Law Natural Hair in the Workplace Legal or Not

Tracy Sanders, a Los Angeles based attorney and author has JUST released her latest book, Natural Hair in the Workplace: What are Your Rights? where she shares her extensive knowledge on natural hair and employment discrimination. Because of her expertise, this book will help individuals who have natural hair, transitioning to natural hair, or interested in natural hair topics to understand federal and state employment discrimination laws in the United States. In addition, readers will learn more about their rights and obligations related to natural hair as an employee or employer. And let’s not forget how inspirational the real-life stories, hypotheticals, case studies, and practical tips are. It’s bound to be an enlightening and quite educational read!


Thankfully, as a professor, I have the leisure to express myself in whichever way suits my fancy, but some of us don’t share an occupation where this freedom exists. This is where the gorgeous Tracy comes in – to let us know just how nonrestrictive employers can be when it comes to how we don our Crowns of Curls!!! Check out her book (available on Amazon as either paperback or Kindle) by clicking here and read along with me!

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