♫ Drops of Jupiter ♫

Who else remembers that song? Who else has memories of plugging their foamy yet lightly padded cover cushioned headphones into their Sony Walkmans during bus rides home with the HIGHEST of hopes set on listening to Train belt this ballad without any skips in sight? I can’t possibly be the only one, right? Well, even if I am, in the spirit of all things 90’s, including chokers and lipliners, let’s get right into this wig review!!! 😀

Bobbi Boss Jupiter Wig Review


Now before you ask, yes, she does look familiar. And yes, she could even qualify as a dupe, BUT au contraire, Shimmies! Despite her uncanny resemblance to Elva, Jupiter stands alone…and for a good reason too!

Bobbi Boss MLF150 Jupiter Wig Review

Made by Bobbi Boss, Jupiter is literally out of this world! 😉 Layered around 16 inches with the flirtiest fringe, she’s a premium lace front wig with synthetic safe heat styling fibers.

As you unwrap her intricate packaging and begin to snip away her chocolatey Swiss lace, you will quickly notice her large 4 inch silk base closure directly underneath. This means you get not 1, or 2, but FOUR inches of parting space…basically a galaxy of sorts!!! 😀 (get it? Jupiter…Galaxy…Jupiter’s a planet in a…NVM!) 😛

I must caution my Shimmies though! Even though this silk base closure gives us pointer finger length parting space, it doesn’t stop there! 🙂

With this closure comes some sort of raised affect. Weird adjectives, I know, but what I mean is that the construction of the cap (more on that later) provides a voluminous edge to the fringe of the wig – thus, giving it more height essentially.


In addition to this aesthetic ascension, Jupiter also has this new thing going on…it’s called the Flex Fit Cap. The Flex Fit Cap is basically an innovative system that securely hugs your noggin no matter its shape or size. While this technology DOES provide much flexibility and lightweight comfort, it has a tendency to be a tad too elastic. I believe this is because the Swiss lace is so darn stretchy. As a result, you’re sometimes left with a slight puckering around the frontal lace line.

To fix this fault, I opted to not only tighten the adjustable straps in the back, but also darken the puckered lace in the front with my kohl colored mascara. This helped the puckering blend in and mimic my own hairline!

Bobbi Boss MLF150 Jupiter Wig Review

Last, but certainly not least, Jupiter did shed a bit. No worries, however. This only occurred AFTER I cut the lace which is to be expected.

Bobbi Boss MLF150 Jupiter Wig Review


Picking out wigs, trying them on, and rocking styles that all reflect my vibrant and lively personality NEVER gets old! Why it’s practically like Christmas in July each and every time I tear their packaging apart! Thankfully Jupiter, valued at $41.99 by clicking here, didn’t subdue those feelings of joy by any means!

Do y’all wear wigs? Share the same excitement as me when you step foot inside those wig emporiums? Tell me which wig sends you over the moon, across the Milky Way and back by commenting below!

Bobbi Boss MLF150 Jupiter Wig Review

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully 

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