This is an itty-bitty bit different, I know, but bear with me!!!

carnival cruise paradise

I’m on a boat…well, not really…it’s actually a ship…a HUGE ship too! Tropical Storm Colin is feuding, it’s humid as all get-out, and my little brother is doing what he does best-pestering me!

But guess what!? None of that even matters because I’m actually on deck! Like I could literally walk the plank right now! It’s so freaking cool too!

My cruise is headed to the all-mighty Grand Cayman Islands then Cozumel will be our next stop! I’m sure that with all of the activities and cuties, I’ll be busy flirting and tanning, but nonetheless, I’ll keep y’all up to date as to what I’m eating, the Pina Coladas I’m sipping, and the Island men I’ll be gawking! Cross your fingers that we don’t hit Bikini Bottom! 😉 jk!
Remember to Live Life, Beautifully ❤️

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