♫ Shimmy Sistah’s Playlist – Vol. 2 ♪

Shimmy Sistah's Playlist

Whether you’re working out, prepping for Memorial Day festivities, or are just curious as to what Shimmy’s listening to this month, then look NO further! Below, I’ve compiled my list of jams I can’t get enough of! 

1. Daddy Lessons – Beyonce

2. Angels – Chance the Rapper

3. The Hampsterdance Song – Hampton the Hamster

4. Never be Like You – Flume

5. The Life – Fifth Harmony

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6. Gold – Kiiara

7. Four Pink Walls – Alessia Cara

8. No – Meghan Trainor

9. Send my Love – Adele

10. Into You – Ariana Grande


As you all can tell, it’s no secret that the Billboard Music Awards 2016 definitely influenced my fine tuned frequencies! 😛 What have y’all been listening to? Share them below! And do y’all have any songs ya may be using for any new belly dance choreography? Be sure to leave those too!

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully 

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