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Who else absolutely ‘s that darn Arby’s “WE HAVE THE MEATS” commercial? I know I’m late, but that goofy yet awesomely savvy and much memorable slogan is quite the tagline! …but I digress… 😛

Soooooo besides Justin Bieber’s face, there aren’t too many things that tickle me PINK…except for THIS announcement!!!




That’s right!!!! I’m ELATED to announce that after 3 months of searching to my heart’s content, I’ve finally found an actual job and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

Now despite my elation and overall unbounded happiness, I must admit, there were times where I felt discouraged, incompetent, and just downright dumb due to the harsh realities that play a role in the entire job search process. With my family, friends, and the accompaniment of Baby Jesus, however, I overcame these insecurities and feelings of despair. Cuz let’s face it, walking around with dashed hopes and dreams will TOTALLY hinder me from embarking on my journey to basically becoming the World’s BESTEST Professor of Economics!

So, if you’re ready to tag along with me on this cooler than cool quest, then grab your Trapper Keepers, pretty-n-pink pens, and let’s ‘Make like Malthus‘ and get to educating and enriching the lives of everyone! 😉

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