♠♠ Vivica Fox meets Kim K ♠♠

Electrocuted AND eaten mid-air by a Great White?  Poor Vivica…Her fate was pretty much done-zo from the start… I mean, who else cried during this horrific and gore-stricken scene in Sharknado 2: The Second One? Now I know I may be reaching a tad far here, but hear me out. Wouldn’t you agree that Syfy should at least have her come back as some shark killing ethereal zombie, slicing and dicing sharks with a scimitar  in the 2016 feature to pay her homage for all those folks she saved? No? You don’t agree…okay… 😐 You’d rather talk about the wig instead…oh, all right… 🙁


vivica fox lavender v wig


Lavender-V, capable of warding off Sharknado’s and the like, is a DEEEP Lacefront designed by Vivica. She has Futura fibers that can withstand Equator temperatures of 392 degrees, around 2.5 inches of parting space from ear-to-ear, and baby hair sure to make any 6-month old green with the utmost envy! Oh yeah, if I could guesstimate, I’d say her hang-time is about 22 inches.

vivica a fox lavender-v wig

Wear and Cap Construction

I’d say the biggest and most comfortable wig caps I’ve ever worn are made by none other than Vanessa Wigs; however, not being as tight as Outre’s, Vivica’s wigs are essentially right in the middle – making her snug in all the right places!

As far as the cap construction is concerned, there is a flaw. Yeah, it’s pretty standard with the two combs on the side and the solo-dolo in the rear, but towards the back of her, there’s lots of puckering present. It’s almost as if the tracks are “lifted” or “hallowing” above the actual cap (kinda like the sharks swarming and circling the capital right before Ne-yo’s cute self died in Sharknado 3: Oh Hell NO!) Now simply brushing some hair over that section using a wide-nylon bristled brush fixes this issue in a cinch, but I thought I’d let ya know nonetheless.


Okay, all corny Sharknado references aside, this tendriled beauty shouldn’t be toyed with!!! 🙁 Most of my wigs last me approximately 2-4 weeks, but after just ONE week, her ends became frizzy and a bit unruly due to her tangles.Thankfully, she’s flat and curling iron safe, but who wants to have to play hairdresser to a wig after just ONE week of wear?? Certainly not THIS Shimmy Sistah! Therefore, to tame these feral frizzies, I clipped the ends and called it a day!

vivica a fox lavender-v wig


Despite Lavender-V’s few hangups, surprisingly, I will most definitely purchase her again. Why? Well, it’s not only because of the 2.5 inch parting space that frees me from having to rock her to either one side or the other, but it’s also her endless amount of bouncy curls that frame my face so effortlessly. They tangle, yes, thereby making the ends frizzy, but their flow and bouyancy outrightly afford this wig a debut/cameo appearance in my wig collection and 2016’s fourth installment of Sharknado!!!!! Comment below on what YOU think the title of Sharknado 4 should be called! I’m thinking, Sharknado 4: Vivica’s Revenge!!

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