♫♪ The Caged Bird Sings Because…

She can see your roots!!!!!! 😛

Who else can relate? By far there’s nothing worse than having on a Shantel 4/27 colored lacefront and trying to blend her tresses with your licorice locs! 🙁 Walking around with textures and hues that don’t match is like a monstrosity and is basically forbidden!!! Besides being issued a weave-warrant, you now can no longer lie to the inquisitive sorts that must ponder and ask if “that’s your real hair” or not, and because of THIS, you unfortunately, become even more discouraged from wearing brighter hues. And guess what!?! We just can’t have that now – not with this beautiful weather sunkissing our T-zones and such! ☼


Thankfully, managing your mane is relatively simple in this case! 😀 Gray Disappear is a brand I recently ran into at my local Natural Grocers store. Featuring a myriad of colors, Gray Disappear is an organically made temporary brush-on hair mascara. From the blondes and cocoas, to garnets, and even ebonies too, you’re guaranteed to find your appropriate shade. How do I know? Shimmy knows because Gray Disappear provides testers on display that allow you the chance to brush their varying hues through your strands in order to see which works for you! Cool huh?

I had about 12 shades to choose from, but since I was attempting to lighten my tendrils a tad,  I decided to go with “Espresso” as I felt it was the best shade for me. After application, my hair instantly and seamlessly blended with my 4/27 wig, but I must say that as I continued to gawk in the mirror provided, I began to notice a slight change! A change you ask? YES, a change!!!

You see, I was rocking a 4/27 wig, but she didn’t have a wave in sight – she was bone straight; therefore, my hair was straightened too! Here’s the catch though! Although my hair was straightened, my roots were naturally growing out (That’s right! Shimmy is #teamCrackyCream). This means that a strand of my hair is typically curlier at the roots and relaxed towards the ends (especially if I haven’t had a touch-up). Now if you recall, I mentioned how Gray Disappear is organic. Well, this implies that its more water-based than competitor products on the market. Therefore, streaking a water based product through my Shirley Temples can only mean ONE thing! – My tresses coiled immediately but only on the portions of the strands that were not relaxed! 😀 Did I look a wee-bit koo-koo? You guessed it! I surely did! Nonetheless, I still purchased the product anyways knowing I would be touching my roots up with some Just for Me sooner rather than later! 🙂

Ever since that stint, I’ve repeatedly worn this hair mascara, and with completely relaxed roots, I’ve only experienced fantastic results. In the same sweeping motion as I apply mascara to my almond-shaped peepers (thanks Ma!), I brush on my Espresso and I’m out the door…or am I? 😉

Hmmm…not quite… 😉


I can’t leave the house without my Canary streaks!!!!!

As we all know, 4/27 wigs usually come pixeled in bright honey blondes and exuberant chestnuts. To create the illusion that my hair’s the same color, I use Streaks & Tips Temporary Highlighting Spray in Golden Blonde. Holding the can a few inches from my hair, I simply spray the golden tint through a few strands and THEN I’m out the door! 😉

2007-Present is the timeframe I’ve been a loyal patron of Streaks & Tips highlighting sprays, so I  know a little bit about them. That being said, I can definitely tell you a thing or two, including that no, they aren’t organic and no, you don’t have to worry about them coiling your straightened roots. You can, however, expect to look ravishing though! 😉


Wear & Tear

When it comes to how often I had to apply both of these products, I’d estimate it was almost every other day. I sleep with scarves on my head at night, so the friction from the cotton would often rub the color, fading its hue. So every morning I’d quickly reapply both, attach my wig, curtsy, and dash to my kitchen to make a delicious smoothie or two! As far as them damaging my hair…no such thing! My hair didn’t fall out nor thin while using these products. I was even able to use heat on my hair with no problems at all!


Oh yeah, don’t fret about how they wash out either! Any amount of water and shampoo rid your hair of these products so you can return to your sable locs!

These two products and more enable me to experiment with different wigs and their mermaid colors that come with them without damaging my hair by switching its color all the time using semi or strictly permanent dyes. Have you tried these? Leave your reviews below! Tried something better? Post that too!

Hear that? Neither do I! Seems like those cutie canaries have quieted down, eh? 😉

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully <3

– Shimmy Sistah

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