♪♪ Tune In 2 Turn ⇑ ♫♫


Turn down that Rich Homie Quan and LISTEN UP!!!!

It’s BLACK MUSIC MONTH and I’m BLACK and I <3 MUSIC, so you know I gots to share my current faves! It would be simply heinous and selfish not to! So what have I done? Why I’ve bestowed my TOP 15 songs I can’t seem to pry from my earbuds – that’s what!

Taking a quick glance, I’m sure y’all can tell that some of these aren’t by African American artists, but eh, their lyrics are relatable, vocals are definitely on point, and since I <3 them, you might as well join my bandwagon as well! 😉 Plus, many of their influences come from our renown Motown legends and beyond!

To check out my previous post on the essence and history of our joyous occasion to be celebrated all month, just click here! In the meantime, enjoy these vids, add them on your Spotify playlists, and whip-whip, then watch me Nae-Nae! 😉

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