Tokϒo Driftin’

Ever wondered what your style says about YOU? Curious as to what your newest culottes are channeling? And that bucket hat of yours…what vibe is it giving off?

Well, look no further! You know ya girl, Shimmy, ALWAYS has ya covered! Recently, Farfetch, the raddest online clothing store on the World Wide Web, contacted me and asked me to upload this UBER cool link for all of your fashionable finds!!! Cool right? TBH, I felt pretty darn important when they HMU! I mean, I know I am quite the fashionista and Rihanna DID wanna hire me as her stylist, but I never fathomed Farfetch contacting me! 😉 “Hush, Shimmy!” < I know that’s what you’re saying and by now, you’re probably anxious to use those thumbs to click-click on the link below, but WAIT! Before you go shushing me and hastily scrolling down, lemme give you the deets first! 😉

About the Link…

Clicking on this link pretty much takes you into a quiz-portal of all things chic with a touch of flare! It asks you everything from your favorite drinks (Blushing Angel) to your favorite bands (Yes, I’m still contagious with my <3 Bieber Fever <3 )! Depending on your answers to those questions and more regarding your fashion sense, sense of style, and cents you spend to purchase it all, it will generate which city best suits your inner-mod!

Wanna know my results?

Well, because Autumn doesn’t sway me from wearing my brightest hues and because 17 pairs of skinny jeans in my closet still isn’t enough, the city that best fits me is Tokyo, Japan! Am I surprised? Nope! I cop their cars, kawaii kimonos, and Sony gadgets too! It’s only right that they inspire my trends as well!


Okay, now enough with the chatter! Click below then spill the beans on what your style says about you!

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully <3

– Shimmy Sistah

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