Fashion Faux Pas or Nah: Seeing Septums

As if you couldn’t already tell, bejeweling your schnoz is totes magotes in right now! From the glistening golds, to the stunning silvers, what was once seen as lewd is now considered a staple for any outfit. Don’t believe me? Just walk into ANY Urban Outfitters! Coupled with their boho kimonos and fringed shorts, the greeters, sales associates, and even security guards are all donning this bold adornment!


Realizing I was trailing the trend, I quickly set my sites on what my pockets could afford and how much pain I could possibly endure. 🙁 Thankfully enough, I recalled my traumatizing tatting experience and my frightful Yellow Fever encounter! Those memories reassured me that baring the pain of actually getting my septum pierced was a no-no! Yup, they basically led me to The Icing where faux was a-go-go! 🙂

For only $14.50, I was able to ~channel~ my hipster side, and I must say, I like it … LOTS! 😀 It’s like my dainty side left me forlorn while my more rugged, tree-hugger side nuzzled me close! All of a sudden, I began to wear my specs more often, dulled my color palate, and check this…I even felt as though I could date like a painter or something – someone way outside my comfort zone that could possibly broaden my horizons, stimulate my senses, and help me see what my mindset conceals! 😉


Now the dating the painter thing never happened, and of course, my palate intensified, but my adoration of my new trinket by NO means faded! 🙂 Seems like all peaches and cream though, right? While I loved the reactions my friends rendered from my IG pics, I won’t leave y’all to thinking that everything was honkey-dorey!

1st things 1st – squeezing this thing through your septum isn’t as painful as it would be if you were to get it pierced, I’m sure, but its painful nonetheless! And taking it out seems simple and usually is – but BE CAREFUL!!!! Don’t just snatch it straight out! Try to at least wriggle it out on one side, then the other. (I sometimes felt like leaving the thingie in just so I wouldn’t have to take it in and out the next day!) After complaining muches, however, my homie FINALLY shared that Vaseline should probably be added to its application process! 😛 Thanks for telling me like 6 months later, jerkface! Oh yeah, before I forget, because these nasal gems attract so much attention, keep your other bling on the minimal. You don’t need your specs competing with your earrings, nose ring, and necklace too! “Less competition helps your sniffer get all the attention!” ⇐ Septum Ring Creed!


So I’ve told you the good, the bad, and the boogery! (Get it?…no?…okay…) But dontcha just gotta get your hands on one? Wanna stunt like me? Feigning to fit in? Well, trail the trend no mo’! Click here to see more septum-rings from The Icing. Be sure to loosen your wallets since they are on sale for a whopping $5 bucks too and with the extra dough you save, head on down to your nearest Urban Outfitters, perpetrate, and flirt with the cutest sales associate who helps you pick out the DOPEST bucket hat to rock this Spring!

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully <3

– Shimmy Sistah

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