∇ The Economic Development Predicament ∇

So I’m getting my doctorate…NOW WHAT? It’s like you’re pursuing your doctorate and they expect you to change the world or something! And don’t let me tell them I’m receiving it in Economic Development – they act like I’m Obama’s advisor or something! Quickly I become bombarded with the “How do you think Obama is handling the economy? What’s the next step? The current fiscal policy that was implemented – you agree with it or nah? I’m telling ya Shimmies – it’s endless! But eh, it comes with the territory and rightfully so!

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So let’s get to the basics – what I’m studying and my plans once I strut that stage! 😀 Economic Development is its name – improving one’s quality of life is its game (was that LAME?)!!! LOL Okay! I’m studying Economic Development and yes, it’s all about improving one’s quality of life including the economic prosperity of their nation, state, region, community, or even little town. Whereas Economics has its fundamental roots in increasing jobs, implementing various fiscal and monetary policies, and above all – ‘numbers,’ Economic Development does that and a wee-bit more! Basically, cuz it’s the better of the two, but I digress! 😉

Economic Development encompasses much more because we, as Economic Developers, have a tendency to take the constituents of any community and improve their living conditions, nutritional intakes, and education levels (we do much more, but I need to finish this post and get my beauty sleep!) First and foremost, we firmly believe that by improving the people of an area, more jobs, increased monies being generated, and economic prosperity can ultimately be attained! Imagine a community full of residents who have diabetes and low education levels…How can they work when their health is of concern and how can they procure any promotional employment opportunities when their literacy and mathematical skills are in question? *Gotta fix those problems FIRST before you get to the nitty-gritty* ↵ Not our motto, but it should be! 🙂

Now then, onward we go! → Next on the agenda is elaborating on how Shimmy plans on making a difference using this Aggie degree! Well, as I’ve matriculated throughout this program, I’ve not only been able to extend my knowledge on all things economic and beyond, but I’ve also been able to learn about my AWESOMENESS that resides within! 😀 Being impactful in a multitude of ways is what I see in my near future. This would include establishing my own NPO for the development of young women, and teaming up with the brilliantly beautiful Dr. Dambisa Moyo is surely on the list too! Why we could enforce fiscal and monetary policies together for the betterment of ANY nation! 😀 We’d be a girl-on-girl power couple!!!

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In addition, I also have hopes and dreams of helping our nation’s farmers and the plights they suffer alongside developing urban areas into more agricultural hubs that will eventually wipe out food deserts and the like. Agriculture is our nation’s foundation, so securing its future needs to remain a top priority! Not to mention, helping these women and men of Rural America and setting up shop for my urbanites will be the catalysts to catapulting me towards being appointed as the first African American Female Secretary of Agriculture! 😉 (Shameless #plug for Obama to put in a good word for me!)

Had enough? Extensive list and a bit outlandish too…believe me, I know! But with this degree, I really feel as though I will be able to attain these dreams and so MUCH MORE! Now it’s time for me to question YOU! Are you in school pursuing your wildest desires? Share below! What’s your major? What are your plans? How will YOU change the world?

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully <3

– Shimmy Sistah

P.S. Congrats and a MAJOR ‘Thank You’ to the Economic Developers who helped Detroit, Michigan throw bankruptcy a curve-ball!




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