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TAG, you’re IT! 😛

Shimmy darlings!!! This is mah FAVE time of the year! I’ve ALWAYS loved the holiday season, but that cold weather can GO! Fortunately, I’m able to celebrate the holidays in New Mexico where Frosty can’t come!

Now I’m pretty sure y’all wanna know more about what I abhor and adore about Christmas, so I’ve taken the time to film my FIRST ever Christmas Tag! I hope you all enjoy!! Oh yeah, I’ve attached the tag questions below, so bring me some joy & ANSWER them! 😉 That will gimme the chance to indulge in my mustard greens and cornbread while getting my chuckle on!

I wish you ALL such a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday, Kwanzaa, and Hanukkah too! 😀

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully! <3

– Shimmy Sistah

  1. What’s your favorite holiday movie?
  2. What’s your favorite Christmas color?
  3. Do you like to stay in your PJ’s or dress up for Christmas?
  4. If you could only buy ONE person a present this year, who would it be?
  5. Do you open your present Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
  6. Have you ever built a Gingerbread house?
  7. What do you like to do on your Christmas break?
  8. Any Christmas wishes?
  9. Favorite Christmas smell?
  10. Favorite Christmas meal or treat?
  11. Which holiday do you celebrate?
  12. What are you doing for the holidays this year?
  13. What’s your favorite holiday drink?
  14. Candy cane or Gingerbread men?
  15. What’s your favorite holiday/Christmas song?
  16. What’s the weirdest gift you’ve ever received?
  17. Have you ever made a snowman?
  18. What is your favorite winter fragrance?
  19. What is at the top of your Christmas list (or whichever holiday you celebrate)?
  20. What is most important to you about the holidays?

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