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Dial (712) 432-1500 and use Code 746622# if you’re looking for a good time!!!

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Okay, no, this isn’t where you call up and get to talk to the super HAUTE chicks you see on TV during bOOty call hours…this is MUCH better! 😉

TONIGHT, I encourage ALL of my Shimmies to tune into the Etched Souls Open Mic Night Conference Call-IN!!!!!! You can not only hear the poetry of your artistic counterparts nationwide, but also contribute the creative talents of your OWN! And guess WHAT!!!!???? All poetry submitted, yes, ALL poetry submitted will be published in the Etched Souls Literary Magazine! I’m not lying either! Go ahead and purchase the first volume here if you think I’m pulling the DIAMONDS in yo CHAIN! →Cue Migos←

The creative mastermind behind this Open Mic Night Conference Call-IN platform is my inspiring friend, Sabrina Cates! There’s NOTHING she can’t do! For those poets who wish to express their verbose verses at Open Mic Nights but are unfortunately under the weather or who can’t seem to get out of their PJs during this chilled weather, she’s created a platform in order for you to still be able to express yourself but from the comfort of your own home! So snuggle up, get your HAUTE cocoa, and dial those digits!!! 😀

Be sure to check out her poetry below and when you’re done with that, be sure to peep my video explaining what all poetry means to little ole me and my TWO TOP FAVE poems of ALL time! 🙂 If you call-IN, be sure to gimme a shout out as I will be tuning in as well! 😀

December 17, 2014

Etched Souls Open Mic Night

Call: (712) 432-1500

Code: 746622#

9:30PM EST   8:30PM CST   6:30PM PST

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully! <3

-Shimmy Sistah

to Maya Angelou

I heard about how your small, barely developed, high pitched voice fluttered under the wings of birds soaring to a place far beyond this world…
Did you ever wonder where it was kept peacefully until you felt comfortable enough to speak again?
Did you ever wanna know if God gripped his hands tightly around it to protect it because he knew that eventually you would choose to take what he gave you as a gift to change the world?
Did you even believe in him?
And if you did, when it was time to pray…did you?
How did you?
Did you cry?
And if you cried, was it because you were hurt or tired?
Was it because of the injustice to our people during those times?
When you cried, was there whimpering?
What about screaming, did you ever miss it?
I’m talking about really screaming too, like the kind of screams that made your insides feel life you screamed the life out of it, or did you scream silently?
Where did your thoughts go if you never said them?
Did you write them on sidewalks, foggy windows, or crumbled notebook paper?
I wanna know how you, a little girl manage to survive during a time of war, crime, discrimination, affliction, and chaos,
I wanna know maya…
Not because it seems crazy or impossible, but because i wanna know if the light inside of you was a dim as mines the day I closed my mouth for quite some time.
I wanna know if you felt as infinitesimal as me.
I wanna know if physically you were fine, but emotionally your vocal chords felt like thousands of 12 size feet were stomping it into parts that would never be made again into one piece.
I wanna know if someone who loved you helped to build you up enough to be brave again to speak unlike me.
I wanna know where your courage lied in those moments to see if that same courage could ever be found in a brown girl like me.
A brown girl who turned into a brown woman with small hopes and big dreams of ever becoming 10 percent of the writer, activist, and woman that you have made yourself to be, for you are it maya,
you are the epitome of a legend,
yes you are.

[the emotion.]

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