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I asked, “What words describe your feelings as you graze your wife’s belly bump and you feel your little one kick?” He replied, “♥ Giggle!!” 🙂

My initial reaction was “huh?” Those were the best “words” he could come up with? LOL (You must keep in mind that my homie has the likings of a taciturn individual when it comes to using adjectives, so how he managed to put those two together was unbeknownst to me!) 😛 But after pausing for a moment, I found that his description didn’t have to make sense to me…In fact, his feelings expressed will probably remain an obscure anomaly until a hatch-ling of my own riggles and wiggles earnestly as he/she adjusts within. Oh what a day THAT will be! 😛

Now after a couple of weeks passed and her arrival dawned, I asked once more, “How does it feel? How does it feel being a Papa?” He again replied…but this time his response was a tad different. It was a response I could hang with. Something I could easily comprehend and understand. It was a feeling I knew all too well! 😀 “Surreal” was what he told me! 🙂 Much better adjective, am I right? 😉

Any-who, as I mentioned earlier, it’s honestly pretty irrelevant if I can reason with his descriptions or not. What’s most important is what he felt! To be quite candid with y’all, she was probably kicking because she didn’t want her daddy touching her mommy’s tummy! 😀 LOL But all jokes aside, I bet it’s pretty indescribable having a child and feeling its cute pokes and karate kicks! I bet it’s a feeling like no other. When my Jazmine the 2nd does the same thing, I’ll probably describe the feeling as “DOPE” for all I know! Regardless the adjective used, the experience is EPIC to say the least – at least that’s what these pics scream! Peep them below!

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Wasn’t she just da cutest EVER??? Adorbs, I know! I’m so happy she’s finally here! Have you, a friend, or loved one popped out a cutie yet? If so, what were your feelings? What words best describe your experience? List them below!

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully! <3

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