The Bat Mobile was MATTE, so why can’t our nails be as well?

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I’m pretty sure Sally Hansen posed the same question to her Acetone-Nail-Crew during their Polish-POW-WOW meetings each Thursday!!! 😀

In an attempt to enamor our nail beds, Sally Hansen debuted her “Big Matte Top Coat” nail polish. Now in my opinion, Sally Hansen happens to be one of the top, if not best, drugstore nail polish and nail-care brands out there! Essie and OPI are definitely close seconds, but Sally Hansen simply takes the cake. With offering all Shimmies everything from cuticle creams and nail strengtheners to high quality & long lasting shiny polish pigments, Sally Hansen has made our nails the canvas for our creative minds to decorate. BUT…this product…Sally Hansen…kinda, sorta, maybe – missed the mark… 🙁

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Pictured above are – yours truly – my nails rocking Sally Hansen’s – ‘No Hard Feelings’ on my pointer finger and Essie’s – ‘Big Spender; on the rest of my nails. After applying two coats of each, I generously applied Sally Hansen’s “Big Matte Top Coat”  to all!

Results: Upon application, I could immediately notice my nails mattifying (if that’s a word!)! 🙂 Like seriously, they become MATTE in like 2 seconds FLATTE, but don’t let that fool ya – they most certainly aren’t dry yet! 😛 Give ’em about 2 minutes! Then you’ll be set 2 jet! 😀

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Wear: Between practicing my belly rolls, doing dishes, washing my face with my African Black Soap by Shea Moisture, and solving econometric equations, I noticed chipping after about 4 days. Was I shocked by this? Not really…Sally Hansen’s “Mega Shine” nail polish and a few other’s promise no chipping up to 7 or more days whereas Sally Hansen’s “Big Matte Top Coat” did not. However, I did notice that the matte finish my nails brandished at the beginning of their manicure did seem to “wear off” after about 5 days or so. What I mean is, the shine began to show through! 🙁

That being said, would I say Sally Hansen’s “Big Matte” is a “Big Flop”??? Well, not really! 😛 But I would warn that if you’re looking for a cheap thrill for a Girl’s Night Out on a Fashionable Friday or Saturday, then this should be your go-2! On the other hand, if you’re looking to rock your Bat Matte for any length of time (like 5-7 days), then either try another brand or go to the professionals! Luckily, I was chatting it up with my bestie the other day and she mentioned that her Revlon’s Matte Top Coat serves better results! I have yet to try it, but if you Shimmies want me to give it a whirl then a review, I don’t mind one bit! 😀

Shimmy Sistah

Keep in mind, you don’t have to if you don’t wanna, but…Remember to Live Life, Beautifully! <3

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