The Best Part of Waking UP…

1 thing!

…is sipping that Colombian bean with ONE painted pinky UP! Now, I’m no coffee feign like most of my coworker counterparts, but I definitely partake in my 15 min break as if I were! But why, you ask? TO TAKE SELFIES OF MY NEW WIG, OF COURSE! That’s right! As they sip, I snap! As they RIP their sugar squares to pour into their murky mug of caffeine, I’m careful to steady my camera while holding my pose like a Barbie figurine! MANE, did y’all just CATCH that rhyme??? 😉 Someone needs to put me in a CYPHER ASAP! 😛

Okay! I’ll stop! LOL! 😛 Let’s get back to da basics! Her name is Amerie! Manufactured by Freetress, Amerie is an Equal Synthetic Lace Front Wig with those ever-so fabulous Futura fibers we all LOVE & ADORE! I swear, those Futura fibers are the cat’s ME-OW and THEN some! Is it just me, or do you Shimmies consider it a “STYLE STEAL” when we get bunches of hair that we can cut, curl, and straighten as if it were human but at synthetic prices? Boy, do my pockets thank me! Okay, BACK to ya girl! Get ready for all things length, feel, lace, color, size, and price!

Amerie is around 18 inches of silky smoothness! Her tendrils are bone straight with more layers than your favorite slice of baklava! 😀 Yes, her layers are MAGNIFICENT! Not only are they tapered to flatter any head-shape and body-type, but they have a realistic look and feel as well. Most wigs I have purchased with typical Barbie tresses have a tendency to be extremely thick from root-to-tip. This is ALWAYS a perk nonetheless, but sometimes it can look a tad TOO thick and luscious. Now some of us don’t mind that lusciousness –>ME! 😀 <–, but for those who do, then Amerie is the girl for you! Her roots are nice and thick, but as you run your fingers through, you can tell she thins out. Don’t worry! I don’t mean ‘thins out’ as in “she looks ragged or frayed”; what I mean is, Amerie’s ends have a razored look and feel – pretty similar to how most hairstylists layer our own hair if we were to abandon our wigs and go that route.

Processed with Moldiv

Isn’t lace on ANY garment just the EASIEST way to feminize ANY article of clothing? Its delicacy, print, and detail are to be adored, right? Well, the lace on Amerie is NO different! I MUST commend Freetress on their lace. No matter the price you pay, Freetress NEVER slacks on quality – especially the lace they line their wigs with. Amerie’s lace is a cinch to blend with either your own hairline or the baby hairs lining the lace already! That’s right too, Shimmies! I said it! Amerie has BABY HAIRSSSS! If ya wanna look like you still have those edges from 22 months old, then pick up Amerie as QUICKLY as possible! But WAIT! Before I forget, “There’s just ONE THING that’s got me tripping!” <– cue Amerie the songstress! But I really did almost forget to mention that even though there isn’t much parting space (less than an inch), Amerie’s lace is extremely soft! It’s a nice, non-scratchy feel making her a comfortable fit throughout your day.

If you’re like me, when you go to Mickey D’s, you panic when the sales rep asks you if you would like to SUPERsize your meal. You cringe too! You know you want that large fry and BIG JUG of Sprite, but your pockets make you think twice! Well, no need to worry here! Amerie doesn’t need to be SUPERsized or anything! The fit of the cap is SUPREME! Freetress probably makes the BEST fitted wig caps I’ve ever worn! Of course, the adjustable straps are in the back to make her tighter or less restricted around that noggin of yours, but fortunately, I always found myself not needing them! I’m sure most of you have, but for those who haven’t, I have included the link to “Lucy, I’m Home,” so you can read and compare how I described the fit of Outré’s wigs as opposed to Freetress!

Let’s talk hues now! Amerie comes in a variety of 16 colors! For my daredevil Shimmies, they have the Kool-Aid reds, and for my more conservative Shimmies, they have the 1B’s and F237’s for you! Yes, there’s something for EVERYONE! Which color did I rock? Well, I’ve always been a lover of red, but I opted out of the 530 and RED hues only because my internship requires me to be a tad more on the conservative side as far as hairstyles are concerned. Because of this, I chose color 99J. This was my FIRST time rocking 99J, so I was pretty excited to say the least! 🙂 99J is a 1B mix with burgundy strands type of color. Bold enough to make a statement yet subtle enough to not get reprimanded at the workplace! 😛

If you look below, I’ve left the website info for ya! Her price was only a mere $27.95 bucks! So SAVE, Shimmies!!! Snatch her while she’s HAUTE!

 – Shimmy Sistah


*** Beware, I do NOT wear my lace-fronts with glue NOR tape. I wear my lace-fronts with less of an inch of my OWN hair out because I think they look more realistic that way! 🙂 Be sure to leave your comments, suggestions, and inquiries below! ***

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