C is for CUPCAKES!

“C is for COOKIE, that’s good enough for me! Oh, COOKIE, COOKIE, COOKIE, COOKIE starts with C!!!!”

That’s what we all sang while watching the insatiable appetite of the ever-so gluttonous Cookie Monster on Sesame Street, but for my friend, Keli Whitehead…well, her heart sings a different tune!

Keli, my homie, Austin, TX 6th Street turn ↑ buddy, and also fellow alum of the highly-esteemed Alabama A&M University, makes the world’s most delectable cupcake treats sure to satisfy your palate and then some!

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Is your mouth watering yet? Who am I kidding? Of course, it is! Wipe it off for Pete’s Sake and continue reading to find out more regarding her aspirations, favorite flavors she’d devour before dying, and if she passed her grammar school cooking courses!

1. Why cupcakes?
I definitely saw a kupkake trend in the dessert world. There were kupkake books, classes and shows on T.V. I’ve always been creative and a kupkake lover, so I thought why not try my hand at it!

2. How long have you been making cupcakes?
I started baking kupkakes professionally in 2012.

3. Do you think you will stick to just cupcakes or eventually deviate onto other pastries?
I’ve been getting a lot of requests to do fondant covered specialty cakes especially from brides. So I hope to add them to my menu later this year!

4. What are your future ambitions for your business?
My greatest ambition for my business is its continued success. When I started baking for just friends and family a couple years ago I had no idea the response would be so great. It’s truly been a blessing!

5. Did you take Home Economics? If so, did you make an A? 😉
I DID take home economics and back then I hated baking! Oh how times have changed! I’m pretty sure I aced it though 🙂

6. How can I get the word out there about these delectable treats?
I’m working on out of state shipping but right now I’m exclusive to the Austin, TX area. (I deliver, too!) You can see my kupkakes on my Instagram @kelikelkelz and order at kupkakesbykels@gmail.com!

7. What are your most popular flavors? (Are they even called flavors? Don’t call me stupid cuz I asked that!)
My best sellers my Very Vanilla Bean and my Ravishing Red Velvet. I sell out quickly!

8. What advice do you have for aspiring pastry chefs?
Don’t give up. There will be bumps in the road along the way but if you have faith and believe in your passion, you will succeed.

9. Of course, everyone associates cupcakes and many other delicacies with weight-gain; do you have any gluten-free organic or even weight-conscious cupcakes that are all tasty as well as nutritious?
I offer special gluten free and vegan kupkakes upon request. They aren’t on my regular menu since the demand isn’t that high, but I do accommodate different dietary needs!

10. This is the season to celebrate fathers, uncles, brothers – basically, our biological fathers or those who have played a more than influential role in the cultivation of our lives. What specials do you have coming up that will help us to not only celebrate, but also commemorate these men at an affordable price?
I’ll be offering my Blue Velvet Kupkake in honor of Father’s Day! It’s a rich deep blue cake with either white or blue butter-cream. You can even add special Father’s Day themed toppers! Yummy!

11. I spot cupcakes at Wally World, Target, the local grocers, etc. Tell us why we should bypass those and purchase yours?
Often times store bought kupkakes and baked goods are chalk full of preservatives and artificial ingredients so they can be shelved like…forever. LOL My kupkakes, on the other hand, are all natural and made with high quality yet simple organic ingredients.

12. You’re scheduled for the electric chair!!!! QUICK! What are your last three cupcakes you are going to devour?
I love all of my kupkakes! But I’d make my last three all the same – my ***Death By Chocolate.*** It’s a moist Dutch chocolate cake, topped with dark chocolate butter-cream chocolate curls!!! When you bite into it it’s filled with decadent chocolate lava! Bring on the chair! LOL ← My FAVE response! 😉

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As you can see, the Spurs aren’t the ONLY thing BIG in Texas! Kupcakes by Kelz are JUST as HUGE and SCRUMPTIOUS too! Place your order TODAY to enjoy these beautiful, flavorful, savory treats! Tell her ShimmySistah sent ya! 😉

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Remember to Live Life, Beautifully <3

– Shimmy Sistah


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