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red wig!

Okay Guys and Gals!!!!

This is my FIRST wig posting!!! It’s featuring one of my FAVESSS!!!! Her name is “Lydia” by Outre.  The color I’m rocking is DR425 and she’s ADORBS!

I was never a BURGUNDY type of gal, but once I saw my cousin looking FAB as she rocked her own red tendrils, I just KNEW I had to try it! Plus, my cousin reminded me that the red hair is what kept Ricky coming home to Lucy each night! 😉

Searching the www.hairsisters.com website, I came across Lydia and instantly fell in DEEP affection!!! I’m 5’9 so she isn’t that long on me…maybe upper back…but definitely not the middle of the back. She comes in a variety of colors especially the ombre effects which are still pretty popular! Real hair don’t care is SO in right now but my pockets can’t afford it! Luckily, Lydia is synthetic with  Futura heat-resistant fibers and only costs $21.95!

Yes, she is a tad snug as far as the fitting is concerned. I braid my own hair underneath and rock my wig cap on top of those, but even with my flat corn-rolls, she is kinda tight which makes me have to re-adjust her from time 2 time just in case my scalp becomes tender in places where the clips are. She does last quite awhile though. I can usually rock her for about 1 month. Being able to flat-iron her when her ends get ratted is a perk too!

Compliments………..I get tons!!!! There is something about this red hue that drives people NUTS! I encourage EVERYONE to try it! The link is below! Hairsisters.com does not endorse me, but their website is BOMB and their shipping is even better! Enjoy ladies!



P.S. Beware, I do NOT wear my lace-fronts with glue NOR tape. I wear my lace-fronts with less of an inch of my OWN hair out because I think they look more realistic that way! 🙂 Be sure to leave your comments, suggestions, and inquiries below!


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