Pride and Pulchritude in Toney, AL

Pride and Pulchritude in Toney, AL

Few know this about me, but before I became a doctor, I worked for the United States Department of Agriculture. This means I’ve appraised every John Deere tractor there ever was, and I’ve definitely seen my fair share of farms. Some of my adventures include […]

∴ There’s No Place I’d LATHER Be ∴

∴ There’s No Place I’d LATHER Be ∴

Do you have dry, cracked, ashy elbows, knees, or even hands? Do you put the ‘cut’ in cuticles? And how are your feet? Could you have been BAM-BAM’s Shimmy Sistah? If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these stimulating questions, you could possibly be at […]

∇ The Economic Development Predicament  ∇

∇ The Economic Development Predicament ∇

So I’m getting my doctorate…NOW WHAT? It’s like you’re pursuing your doctorate and they expect you to change the world or something! And don’t let me tell them I’m receiving it in Economic Development – they act like I’m Obama’s advisor or something! Quickly I become bombarded with the “How do you think Obama is handling the economy? What’s the next step? The current fiscal policy that was implemented – you agree with it or nah? I’m telling ya Shimmies – it’s endless! But eh, it comes with the territory and rightfully so!

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