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Shimmy Sistah’s Playlist Vol. 3 – Ladies Edition

Shimmy Sistah’s Playlist Vol. 3 – Ladies Edition

Kreuger’s dead, killings at Camp Crystal Lake will forever go unsolved, and I’m pretty convinced that purchasing any red-headed, overall wearing doll promising to befriend you or your loved one is anything but mere child’s play. Honestly, I’m much more of a Christmas fanatic, but […]

Carnival Crusin’

Carnival Crusin’

Shipwrecked is an overstatement, but just go with it! 😉 So I’m sure ya’ll remember me boasting about my upcoming journey with the chicest shoes to match. Well, we’ve anchored and I’m finally ready to share the scoop on all things skiff and so much […]

♫ Shimmy Sistah’s Playlist – Vol. 2 ♪

♫ Shimmy Sistah’s Playlist – Vol. 2 ♪

Shimmy Sistah's Playlist

Whether you’re working out, prepping for Memorial Day festivities, or are just curious as to what Shimmy’s listening to this month, then look NO further! Below, I’ve compiled my list of jams I can’t get enough of! 

1. Daddy Lessons – Beyonce

2. Angels – Chance the Rapper

3. The Hampsterdance Song – Hampton the Hamster

4. Never be Like You – Flume

5. The Life – Fifth Harmony

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6. Gold – Kiiara

7. Four Pink Walls – Alessia Cara

8. No – Meghan Trainor

9. Send my Love – Adele

10. Into You – Ariana Grande


As you all can tell, it’s no secret that the Billboard Music Awards 2016 definitely influenced my fine tuned frequencies! 😛 What have y’all been listening to? Share them below! And do y’all have any songs ya may be using for any new belly dance choreography? Be sure to leave those too!

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully 

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♥♪♥♫♥ Shimmy’s Playlist – Vol. 1 ♥♪♥♫♥

♥♪♥♫♥ Shimmy’s Playlist – Vol. 1 ♥♪♥♫♥

I wish I could say this is my current TWERKOUT BOOTY PLAYLIST, buttttttt it isn’t…! These are just my jams! My jams that get me through those early mornings, lazy afternoons, and cozy yet long nights! Check them out and tell me which ones are your […]

!!!!!!!!!!CON BRIO INTERVIEW!!!!!!!!!!

!!!!!!!!!!CON BRIO INTERVIEW!!!!!!!!!!

SHIMMIESSSSSSS! I have some SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS news for you all!!!!! SOOOOOOOOOO GUESS WHAT! About a week ago, in honor of Black Music Month, I created the ULTIMATE playlist for your ears to enjoy and your hips to shimmy to! Remember that? Well, since then, I’ve done […]

♪♪ Tune In 2 Turn ⇑ ♫♫

♪♪ Tune In 2 Turn ⇑ ♫♫


Turn down that Rich Homie Quan and LISTEN UP!!!!

It’s BLACK MUSIC MONTH and I’m BLACK and I <3 MUSIC, so you know I gots to share my current faves! It would be simply heinous and selfish not to! So what have I done? Why I’ve bestowed my TOP 15 songs I can’t seem to pry from my earbuds – that’s what!

Taking a quick glance, I’m sure y’all can tell that some of these aren’t by African American artists, but eh, their lyrics are relatable, vocals are definitely on point, and since I <3 them, you might as well join my bandwagon as well! 😉 Plus, many of their influences come from our renown Motown legends and beyond!

To check out my previous post on the essence and history of our joyous occasion to be celebrated all month, just click here! In the meantime, enjoy these vids, add them on your Spotify playlists, and whip-whip, then watch me Nae-Nae! 😉


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