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» ROCK da BOAT «

» ROCK da BOAT «

For my FIRST (with many more to come) Sneaker Feature, I gleefully present Via Spiga’s Galea Slip-On Sneaker! Via Spiga, a brand named after Milan’s most sought after fashion districts, prides itself on its ability to bring Italy’s la moda to each of our doorsteps without […]

♥ Shimmy Sistah’s Brassiere Collection ♥

♥ Shimmy Sistah’s Brassiere Collection ♥

Wanna see my unmentionables? Then head here! But if it’s my Bedazzled Belly Dance Bra Collection you’re here for, then look NO further!!! I must admit, belly dancing is my passion, and there’s absolutely nothing I adore more; however, financing this fancy can cost quite […]

∝ Catch Up & Caliches ∝

∝ Catch Up & Caliches ∝


Remember that hiatus? You know, the one where I ghosted ya without any rhyme or reason? Well, Shimmy is here to catch-up with you all, say she’s sorry, and plead for the prettiest of pardons! So hurry!!!! Go grab your chilled Caliche Custard, cozy with your fiercest fleece, and THOROUGHLY enjoy! 😉

The Doctor is In 


I FREAKING GRADUATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s right!!! Your very own Shimmy Sistah is a bonafide, real live doctor! (The 1st in my family too! 😉 ) This past December (the 11th to be EXACT), I graduated from the illustrious New Mexico State University with my doctoral degree in Economic Development!



Now does this mean I can prescribe your meds for your tumultuous tummy? Of course, not! But can I decrease inflation rates while summoning the GDP Gods as I makeshift ways you all can save more than you spend @ Forever 21? Well, DUH!

Break a Leg…or Maybe 2


To say the least, performances are my passion. From the practices and preparation, to the primping and prancing – there is nothing I enjoy more than shimmying with my Shimmy Sistahs!!


This past year, we performed for children, our beloved Pagan Festival, Hallow’s Eve, and we even managed to get a charity event in there as well! Now, and as you can all see, we had a great time and we looked even better, but instead of focusing primarily on just our beatitudes and bellies, we remained fixated on working together, strengthening our sisterhood, and collaborating with local organizations and the community. These principles are essential and quite crucial for any group, troupe, or dance team and thankfully, our dedication, efforts, and love of dance paid off (10 fold)!! In fact, our persistence afforded us a chance to be featured as a 2015 SPOTLIGHT SHOUT-OUT HIGHLIGHT for our local community!


You guessed it!!! Shimmy’s a celebrity so watch out Kimye! 😉


How did the GRINCH steal Christmas?

With a scimitar, of course! 😉 JK, Shimmies!

These holidays were actually filled with plenty of family, festivities, food, and fun! Not only did I go home for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I managed to enjoy my time there as well!




You see, my previous holidays have always been spent either studying, writing, or resting but THIS year, I dabbed with my cousin, met my Knight in Shimmying armor, play-dated with my mommy, and became Grinch-y Green with the utmost envy @ this dude! 🙂


it was………LIT.

What more can I say? She makes us say “uhhhhh, UHHHHH. Nah-Nah-nahnah!” My Shimmy Sistah, Jordan, pushes us to the limit – like she LITERALLY makes us her “No Limit Shimmy Soldiers!” 😀

First, she had us learning new techniques. Easy. Then she suggested swords. Simple. Next, she starts with this whole “tribal” thing. No (Keith) sweat. THEN all of a sudden, I’m guessing because we never stopped her in her tracks before, she springs this whole “Let’s dance with FIRE” idea on us. FREAKED. US. OUT. 😐

I mean, WHO in their right mind does this? Turns out, just about every belly dancer out there…excluding me…until NOW!


¿Now what?

Besides watching All about the Benjamins and grubbing out on all of the yummiest candies my little tummy can take, I’ve just been applying for jobs, wigging out with Wendy Williams, and praying my nation votes for anyone but #Trump! 🙁 Oh yeah, I’ve also been plotting (like Pinky and the Brain Brain….) on improved blogging topics, volunteering opportunities, and all things belly dance worthy – implying that sticking around for the journey should be a given!!! So stay tuned, Shimmies!!! I’ve got LOTS more in store like my beloved H&M! 😉

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully ♥


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≤Fringe with BenefitZZZZ≥

≤Fringe with BenefitZZZZ≥

Want a relationship with your hair that involves NO commitment? Then try Elva by Motown Tress! This layered bob is full of THICKNESS, LENGTH, & RAZORED ENDS quick to slice and dice faster than Wal-Mart prices! TBH, Shimmies, I simply cannot think of ANY negatives with […]

Tokϒo Driftin’

Tokϒo Driftin’

Ever wondered what your style says about YOU? Curious as to what your newest culottes are channeling? And that bucket hat of yours…what vibe is it giving off? Well, look no further! You know ya girl, Shimmy, ALWAYS has ya covered! Recently, Farfetch, the raddest […]

╟ You Can Ring My Belle ╢

╟ You Can Ring My Belle ╢

Saul didn’t get the memo, but my girl, Joy, did!


You see, when God instructed Saul to demolish ALL of the Amalekites, God expected him to do just that – annihilate the Amalekite men, women, children, their cattle, sheep, goats, camels, and donkeys too. Much to our disbelief, however, Saul did quite the contrary. Instead of demolishing everything, Saul decided to destroy the ugly goods while keeping the pretty loot for himself. Who was disappointed and regretful of making Saul king though? Our beloved Man Upstairs, of course! :/ Consequently and appropriately so, God discontinued the regal lineage to take place for Saul and his descendants and bequeathed it all to David. I’m sure y’all know the rest…!

Joy, the creator of BelleJoy jewelry, is a wee-bit different than our buddy Saul, however. In her sweet letter she wrote me, she candidly shared how God spoke to her and told her to begin making the prettiest and most intricately detailed jewelry to drape down our necklines, wrap around our wrists, and dangle from our ears – sure to fancy any outfit we don! Unlike Saul, Joy chose to listen wholeheartedly and avidly began her craft and let’s just say, I’m elated she did! 😀


Handmade with love, these pieces are not only eye-catching and more than compliment-worthy, they are also of the highest quality to enable you to wear them on multiple occasions. Oh yeah, another thing – the statements they make…Choosing colors that favor one another is what Joy truly has a knack for as well! Cherry reds coupled with golden yellow hues will inevitably embellish any cocoa and cream or ivory ensemble you put together.


Gorgeous isn’t the word! Exquisite is more like it! A’int I right? 🙂



And hey, we all know that walking into a party and seeing another cutie with your jewelry on is not the business. 🙁 Luckily, Joy’s jewelry is one-of-a-kind and unique in its very own way! 😀 How is this so? Well, most jewelers sketch their creations whereas Joy uses her vivid imagination in order to make her masterpieces come to life! This ensures having a duplicate virtually impossible!

IMG_6669As I’m sure you all know by now, supporting local entrepreneurs is an effort I not only advocate but also practice. So if you happen to be a Georgia Peach like Joy and I, you’re in luck, Chuck! Yup, her headquarters are just outside our admired Atlanta!!! Now if you’re an out of town Shimmy, have no worries; just click here or look for BelleJoy under my list of charitable sponsors <3 ! Shipping is expeditious and handled with the most tender of care! <3 🙂 <3 Tell her Shimmy sent ya! 😉



One more thing! Before you run off stuffing your jewelry boxes with Joy’s treasures, be sure to take a gander at her book too! That’s right! She’s an author as well! An author obtaining her doctorate in adult education, I might add! I mean what doesn’t she do? Click here to feast your eyes upon her book entitled, Keys to My Heart by J.T. Happy shopping! 😉

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully <3

– Shimmy Sistah


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