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Shimmy Sistah’s Playlist Vol. 3 – Ladies Edition

Shimmy Sistah’s Playlist Vol. 3 – Ladies Edition

Kreuger’s dead, killings at Camp Crystal Lake will forever go unsolved, and I’m pretty convinced that purchasing any red-headed, overall wearing doll promising to befriend you or your loved one is anything but mere child’s play. Honestly, I’m much more of a Christmas fanatic, but […]

♥♪♥♫♥ Shimmy’s Playlist – Vol. 1 ♥♪♥♫♥

♥♪♥♫♥ Shimmy’s Playlist – Vol. 1 ♥♪♥♫♥

I wish I could say this is my current TWERKOUT BOOTY PLAYLIST, buttttttt it isn’t…! These are just my jams! My jams that get me through those early mornings, lazy afternoons, and cozy yet long nights! Check them out and tell me which ones are your […]

!!!!!!!!!!CON BRIO INTERVIEW!!!!!!!!!!

!!!!!!!!!!CON BRIO INTERVIEW!!!!!!!!!!



About a week ago, in honor of Black Music Month, I created the ULTIMATE playlist for your ears to enjoy and your hips to shimmy to! Remember that? Well, since then, I’ve done a teeny-wee-bit more!

BOLD and filled with as much tenacity as Steph Curry, I decided to go out on a limb and contact the number ONE featured band on my playlist, Con Brio! With the most anticipated fervor, I just HAD to speak with them on all things Black Music and more!


You see, I came across their astounding lyrical melodies as I was canvasing my app, AJ+! The cool editors at AJ+ interviewed Ziek (vocalist) and even included snippets of his riveting, powerful, and much needed hit, “Free N Brave”. During the interview, Ziek even got the chance to reveal his inspiration for writing the masterpiece and his hopes of it transcending the masses as we face times of political instability with our law enforcement within the African American community.

To say the least, I was honestly quite intrigued. Therefore, with the quickness, I googled the band and even skipped over to my Spotify app to hear more! Their lyrics, vocals, rhythmic instrumentals, and overall production captivated me! Because of this, I simply couldn’t wait ANY longer and decided to not only share them with the world by featuring their talents on my playlist while telling each and every one of my Shimmies about them, but also interview them for BLACK MUSIC MONTH!!!!

Who knew they would ACTUALLY respond though!!! Like seriously, ya girl was in shambles trying to pull herself together! And peep THIS…how about they were currently ON TOUR as they responded! I’m talking “riding through New Mexico towards their next stop” type of ‘on tour’! Talk about dedication to their dope music and their fans as well!

But enough, and I mean ENOUGH, of my ramblings!!!!! Continue reading below to find out more on how their band came to be, the inspiration behind their music, their upcoming tour dates, and what we can expect from them in the FUTURE!

  1. Living here in New Mexico enables me to become quite familiar with not only the Spanish culture and influences, but the language as well. The term, ‘Con Brio’ means “with force or vigor.” Tell us the story of how the name of your band came to be.

The initial spark behind the name ‘Con Brio’ was inspired by the Italian musical term that is used in sheet music to indicate that a section should be played “with Spirit or vigor”. To us the name felt limitless and open for interpretation and that’s an essence we’d like to maintain throughout our journey. We strive to deliver our music and live our lives “with spirit”…minus the sheet music. 

  1. Each of you are probably SO musically unique in your own ways which I’m sure helps expand and reach fans from many diverse backgrounds; therefore, collectively, who are your musical influences – past and present?

Soooo many! Here they are: 

Soul & R&B – (Pharrell Williams, Miguel, Janelle Monae, D’Angelo, Sade)

Rock & Roll (Led Zepplin, Queen, Jimi Hendrix, Derek Trucks)

Electronic – (James Blake, Daft Punk)

Jazz – (John Coltrane, Herbie Hancock, Robert Grasper, Snarky Puppy)

Pop – (Prince, Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars), 

Funk – (James Brown, Sly & The Family Stone, Parliament, Stevie Wonder, Curtis Mayfield)

Disco- (Chic) 

Film-score’s – (Ennio Morricine, John Williams, Hanz Zimmer) 

Hip Hop – (Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, A Tribe Called Quest, J Dilla, The Hieroglyphics) 

  1. How was The Band Con Brio formed? Did you all already know one another or did it happen by chance?

Well, Con Brio existed in a slightly different format (Micah- keyboards, Jon- bass, and Andrew- drums: being its longstanding members) prior to the presence of Benjamin (guitar), Marcus (saxophone), Brendan (trumpet), and myself. Micah and I met at a neighborhood jam session called Steppin’ that was led by an “OG” named Oscar Myers (who played with James Brown, Lowell Folsom, Jimmy McKracklin and many other influential musicians). Steppin’ nurtured a gang of hard hitting phenomenal musicians that mentored 3 of 7 CB members (Micah, Jon, & me). Micah and I used to meet there every Tuesday night and study their language and chemistry until these musicians would invite us up to sit in- I met Marcus playing in Steppin’ as well.  Eventually, after CB’s original lead singer left the band, Micah reached out to me and we started writing. We’d been making music and performing together already so it was like breathing for us. Marcus has been playing w/ CB since our first show as a band. Andrew met Ben at a recording session and played with Brendon at a show and invited both to be apart of the team then voila! We’re now a living and breathing testament to the power of the Bay Area’s rich and close artist/musician community!

  1. What’s next for The Band Con Brio? What can your fans expect to see in the upcoming future?

First things first, we’re delivering the fruits of our labor, Kiss the Sun, on the national and international festival circuit this year (I’m actually answering these questions as we’re driving back home from Texas approaching New Mexico from the first stretch of our Endless Summer Tour). All tour dates can be found on our website thebandconbrio.com. Secondly, before we even released, Kiss the Sun, we were back in the studio working on our full length album. So we’re excited to be chipping away at this experience in our downtime for the masses to enjoy in the near future. Lastly, (and this stands for us included) expect the unexpected 😉 

Wasn’t that the freaking COOLEST!?! You can bet your bottom dollar, I’m printing and framing this interview! And you can bet your second to the last bottom dollar that I’m going to get it autographed one day too! 😀

Be sure to check out ALL of their music and like they said, be on the lookout for their full length album! I know I’m gonna keep my beady eyes peeled so I can be sure to keep you guys up to date on all things Con Brio and even spread TONS of joy by giving away a copy! <3

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully <3 (I know Con Brio will!)

– Shimmy Sistah

…Kiss from a Rose…

…Kiss from a Rose…

Bump having pencils with miniature trolls on top, & those mechanical #2’s…forget about it! 🙂 At my elementary school, you were only a member of the Kewl Kid Krew if your folders had unicorns, purple cats, and pink pups frolicking on the cover! In other […]

Tokϒo Driftin’

Tokϒo Driftin’

Ever wondered what your style says about YOU? Curious as to what your newest culottes are channeling? And that bucket hat of yours…what vibe is it giving off? Well, look no further! You know ya girl, Shimmy, ALWAYS has ya covered! Recently, Farfetch, the raddest […]

⇓ That’s the Way ♥ Goes ⇓

⇓ That’s the Way ♥ Goes ⇓

To all my Southeastern Shimmies – “I feel your PAIN! Believe me, I do!” I may currently live in the barren southwest, but I’m a native to everything Dixie and no stranger to the humidity that happens to come with it! 😛 That’s why I’ve got your backs! This Mother’s Day, stun and amaze in this flirty go-to hairstyle sure to compliment any floral something or another you choose to slip-on this Sunday!

But before I forget, I must disclose that this tendril tenderoni is, in fact, a HALF-WIGGGGGG! Crazy, right? Since when has Shimmy started rocking’ half-wigs? Well, TBH, before I dove deep into the sea of all things Swiss Lace & more, I first plunged into the depths of half-wigs. (Of course, I’ll share that story … & soon too!) Honestly though, it’s been about 5 years since I’ve decked my crown in one. Why? Well, simply because lace fronts have always allowed me to leave out a smidget of my own hair in order to make it look more realistic whereas with half wigs, I’ve always had to leave out a Super-Sized Value Meal chunk to achieve this same effect. This, however, does not and should not take away from just how affordable, carefree, low maintenance, and trendy they can be! On that note, let’s jump right into her specs!


“Las Mogan”

Color – SP1B/33

Now I know what you’re thinking! This wig wreaks “That’s the Way <3 Goes” and more! But instead of naming this unit ‘Janet Jackson’, Vanessa’s Fifth Avenue Hair Collection opted for ‘Las Mogan’. …To say I’m upset is an understatement, but I’ll let that slide for now! 😛


Mogan is a 28 inch Curly Sue of sorts, capable of capturing every glint of sunlight emitted from our springtime skies. Enticing even the most oblivious, Mogan’s spiral tendrils captivate everyone as they adorn you with compliments of how envious they truly are! And if Janet Jackson isn’t your muse as of yet, be prepared to be mistaken for her quite often!!! 😀


Curly Care:

As we all know, our Susie Q curly wigs are usually lighter than their linear counterparts, so naturally Mogan was no different in this arena. Because of the curl pattern and density of the wig, Mogan was lightweight on not only my crown of glory, but also my neckline as well! You see, this Tuscan Sun I adore greatly can be overwhelmingly daunting for a dainty girlie-girl like myself who frets at the slightest hint of sweat! Thankfully enough, these 30mph desert winds swept Mogan’s tendrils every which-a-way thus preventing those salty beads of glistening dew from ever gracing my body!! 🙂


Did her curls tangle? Not as much as you’d think which fancies us all in the Wig & Weave Community! Yes, they tangled a bit around my nape, but other than that, I had no trouble at all. Actually as lazy as this may sound, simply tousling through her twists using your mani-phalanges was all she needed each morning. Keep in mind, that with the curlier wigs, less is KEY! Letting the waves do their own thing is not only easier on you, but they are more enjoyable as they fall to frame your fabulous faces – not to mention, they look more realistic too! I mean, let’s face it, Mogan’s curls help you maintain your effortlessly beautiful, fun, & flirty looks!


Moreover, it’s important to note that Mogan’s low maintenance is also attributable to the fact that her texture is extremely fine. Each strand is remarkably thin with an almost “stringy” feel. This happens to be a commonality I’ve been noticing with all the wigs manufactured by Vanessa. A commonality I like … LOTS. 🙂 Now just because I stated that the texture is thin, don’t think for a second that the wig itself is thin. Yes, her texture may exhibit this characteristic, but her density definitely does not – making the ability to see the wig cap underneath virtually impossible! And peep this, there is minimal shedding too! Can we say WIN!?!?!

How to Blend:

Just like our techniques we use while applying our makeup, blending is essential! Since this iZZZ a half-wig, applying an adhesive to your lace that could potentially destroy your baby hairs or leaving out a pinch of your own hair just won’t work here. This implies that with the hair you leave out, you MUST make sure it pretty much matches the curl pattern of the wig so the only questions you’ll receive are “Why are you so beautiful?” & “How can I enter Shimmy’s Birthday Giveaway?” 😉


To achieve Mogan’s look, I left out about two inches of my own hair (so my curl pattern would be larger and mimic Mogan). After parting my hair like Aaliyah, I coated each side with my Bronner Bros. Hair Lotion (to provide shine), then I braided two braids (one to the right and one towards the left) towards their corresponding ears. Next, I secured each braid down with two hairpins and lathered my Motion’s Hair Wrapping Foam on top (enables the curl to hold overnight and throughout the next day). Taking hold of my oil sheen, I misted both braids lightly, taking into consideration my Bronner Bros. Hair Lotion I previously applied. Lastly, snatching my favorite scarf from its drawer, I secured it tightly around my crown and dozed off into my abyss where only Bieber and I … TMI! 😉

Each morning, after unraveling my braids, I would attach my wig, fluff it out, and either pin one side back as I mixed it with the wig or let it all fall freely. Easy-Peasy, right? 😀

Wig Wear:

One thing about Vanessa’s wigs is that they make sure us BIG-HEADED beauties have plenty of wriggle room underneath those caps, but just in case your noggin is petite, their wigs always are always equipped with the typical combs and adjustable straps.



Phew! This was a lengthy post now wasn’t it? You’re not surprised though, I’m sure! 😉 Besides, Mogan’s deets couldn’t be held in any longer especially with the dawn of humidity upon us! So what now? Click HERE, of course, to purchase Las Mogan on my favorite wiggin’ out website or go to your nearest hair store to cop it QUICK! Rock it this weekend while ‘running through the 6 with your woes’ or gift it to your <3 mommy <3 on Mother’s Day!

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully <3

– Shimmy Sistah

Be sure to leave your comments, suggestions, and inquiries below! ***


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