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Basically I’m ALWAYS down to party right? YESSIR! So in 2012, my friend asked me to attend an international party hosted by NMSU’s Study Abroad Association. I was too TURNT UP to go, so I put on my best fit with wig to match! We get there and see all of these stallions of German, Asian, and Brazilian men. Enjoying ourselves, we continue to mix and mingle with new people, all the while observing the various performances displayed by the exchange students representing their cultures. But as I’m flirting with the Germans, attempting my best Spanish accent, and claiming I’m from the Dominican Republic, another set of performers graced the stage.  Hearing the reindeer jingle of their belts chiming with the Arabic melodies in the background enticed me to flip the hair, spin my stance, and gaze my eyes upon a set of beautiful women smiling at us. I’m captivated. Intrigued. Stunned. I couldn’t keep my eyes off them. They were so graceful, talented, and just simply – amaze!!!! 🙂 Long story short, I stopped faking my accent and whipping the weave in order to ask the troupe about lessons after their performance was over. Warm and inviting, the instructor, Brittany, extended an invitation and encouraged me to attend her practices.

Since then, becoming a belly dancer has exorbitantly changed my life. Having always been a girlie-girl – only enjoying our hair FLIPS, nail painted TIPS, and Ruby Woo glossed LIPS – I never fully appreciated what it truly meant to be a woman. Through this expressive dance, I now have adoration for our POISE, STRENGTHS, ABILITIES to overcome adversities, and our NURTURING NATURE. Because of belly dance, I see the inner-most beauty us-as-women all possess. And let me tell you, we’re UH-MAZING! We are DEF the cat’s Me-Ow! I mean, Eve ate the apple, God got mad, but STILL made us wonderful despite it all!!! Kudos to Him as well! 🙂

Just as belly dance has done for me, my blog has hopes to Encourage, Empower, Uplift, Inform, Educate, Entertain, and Humor, all of you! Please indulge at your heart’s desire!

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully ♥

Shimmy Sistah

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