I’m a nice person and all, but have I ever been like “super-D-duper” nice!?! Hmmmm only to those who deserve it, honestly! 😉

Today I’m doing something different, however!

tory burch giveaway

Since I’ve recently become quite the mid-year Santa, I’ve decided to giveaway the following:

Tory Burch Handbag (look @ that cross-stitch 😉 )

Kate Spade Stunner Shades (to block ALL of your haterzzz)

Apple Watch (cuz using a $300 timepiece to tell time is essentially the only way)

blogger giveaway

Why am I being so gracious, you ask? Because y’all freaking DESERVE it, of course! Y’all have stuck around, read my silliness, endured my quirks, and been my BIGGEST cheerleaders over the years! I’d be remiss to not extend at least a bit of gratitude every once in awhile! 😉

So without further adieu, be sure to click below, enter your info, FOLLOW everyone’s social media account, and cross your shimmy fingers! You have until September 2, 2017 to enter as the winner will be announced shortly after. Great Luck!


Remember to Live Life, Beautifully Blogger giveaway

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