◊ Shimmy’s 2016 Christmas List ◊

Shimmy's 2016 Christmas List

I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus…and I got jealous. 🙁 So to make myself feel better, I’ve decided to selfishly make my 2016 Christmas List with hopes of at least hugging an elf or two! 😉

Shimmy's 2016 Christmas List

If you, too, are obsessed with all things shiny and rose gold this season, comment below because I swear, I can’t be the only one! But even if I am, who cares? These metallic shades are nothing short of fantastic! With their glistening golden undertones, I’m sure each item will add the perfect glimmer to any outfit they are paired with! Nevertheless, enough of my chatter, let’s hope right into this list so ya’ll can learn more about each item and where you can cop your own and maybe one for me too this holiday! 😉

1. 1Facewatch

Telling time never looked so stylish! With a reflective screen, perfect for checking your lip liner and baby hairs, this watch is the epitome of timeless!

Of course, the stark white with rose gold trim make me squeal internally, but what really gets me going are the plethora of other colors offered by 1Facewatch. They offer tons of hues from red, turquoise, and even pink too! 😉 But that’s not it!

Yes, with so many colors, your matching possibilities are virtually endless; however, while you look modish yet trendy too, you’re also doing a good deed as well.

You see, each color represents an economic development issue experienced by many at home and abroad. For instance, purchasing yellow supports education, thus providing 73 days of schooling to children in need while black represents cancer and the support for at least 8 cancer patients. Pretty cool, eh? Who knew philanthropy could look so chic?

2. Chuck Taylor Ox Metallic Leather Converses

 The grunge, rebel-hearted, and vintage album cover lovers are usually the ones you see sporting Chucks, but cover them with hints of blush and glints of gold and you’ll have every girlie-girl pining over them!

With their signature rubber soles and cap toe, these classics are the ultimate casually chic sneak. You seriously can’t go wrong and neither will Santa if he shimmies down my chimney with these in tow! 🙂

3. Hamsa Pendant

Warding off evil shouldn’t just be a “thing” during the holidays especially with those same cranky shoppers lurking around ready to snatch the last Dior lippie off Sephora shelves on the daily. Thankfully, with Santa stuffing our stockings with this beautiful pendant, we’ll be able to ward off ALL evil ALL year long! Not to mention complimenting our belly dance costume ensemble – this pendant has that perfect shimmer and supplemental sparkle to make any collar bone bling!

4. Betsey Johnson’s Udderly Delish Milk Carton Purse

Yoohoo can’t compare and Mayfield does it NO justice. This milk chocolatey handbag is Grade A, 2% skim, and 100% organic – meaning, it’s pretty much a BIG deal! Because let’s face it, whether it’s powdered, condensed, pasteurized, or half-n-half, Betsey truly outdid herself on this one!

I’ve been eyeing this tall glass of moo-juice for quite some time now. From taking screenshots to checking its availability and even constantly sending its caption to my mother, I just couldn’t get enough! I was simply parched and couldn’t WAIT to take a sip!

Hopefully, Santa quenches my thirst and stuffs it under my big spruce this year because if he doesn’t, I’ll be one angry heifer and NO ONE wants that! 😉


Did my list have the Midas Touch or what? If you ask me, I’d say it surely did! Be sure to list what y’all want for Christmas or what you’re intending to buy for your loved ones. I’m going to go back to stuffing my face with this chicken marsala as I binge on Home Alone 2! I love you all! 😀

Happy Holidays, Shimmies!

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully 

Shimmy Sistah

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  • I’m more of a fan of the retro black, red, white chucks…. But to each there own. You saw mommy kissing Santa huh…lol

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