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Sergeant Shimmy is here to report for duty and her first order of business is to share why she’s content being single!

why i'm content being single

Now before y’all start drawing conclusions and second guessing who you know me to be, let me issue a disclaimer: I enjoy relationships. They are actually fun and when matched with ‘the one,’ can lead to the improvement of oneself and others. Is this something I avidly seek and long for, however, and do I already have my wedding venue picked out? Ummmm NO.

Why I’m Content Being Single Sistah Soldier

So just why am I so content? To be frank, it’s honestly because despite how rewarding relationships can be, finding fulfillment elsewhere does me just fine. Plus, I’m awful when it comes to multi-tasking. Asking me to attain my degree, remain a socialite, AND have a boo too…ya girl just can’t do it!

Believe me, I’ve tried. I’ve tried to maintain a relationship while doing the aforementioned and it didn’t work. Not only didn’t it work, but my grades suffered as a result. Now don’t get me wrong, I was able to keep at least a 3.5 GPA and above, but B’s in grad school are considered C’s and are oftentimes frowned upon, so I had to get my priorities straight. Not to mention the constant threats from my parents to either seize my car or cut me off financially. 😛

The Fulfillment Part

As I noted earlier, relationships can be quite rewarding, but there are other things in my life that warrant the same benefit if not more.

Surprisingly, I’m not the only one who feels this way too. My mommy, who instilled this principle, TED speakers, Shonda Rhimes, Auntie O, and the like all share the same sentiment actually. We not only practice what we preach, but that’s just it…we preach. We voice it to those who will listen, yet it seems to still go in one ear and out the other even though we incessantly hound upon its validity.

Perhaps they don’t listen because we aren’t appealing enough…or maybe it’s because it’s rudimentary and we are essentially beating a dead horse. But come to think of it, it’s probably due to our lack – our inability to provide just what else can satisfy you equivalently to relationships.

why i'm content being single

Why are we incompetent in this area? Why can’t we furnish these gratifying alternatives? Well, it’s because it’s subjective. It varies from person to person. Opening a new wig or earning an A in Stats are a few of mine whereas quenching your inner wanderlust may be yours. It just depends, but finding these satiables is pertinent especially during those single stints in life.

It’s during these times where we tend to satisfice instead of satisfy which never leads to true fulfillment – making ‘being content while single’ virtually impossible.

On a lighter note…

I’m a girlie-girl – meaning it’s going to take me approximately 2-3 hours to get ready for our date to the local haunted house. This also means that belching, having a tummy full of gas, and doing the #2 are pretty much unheard of.

why i'm content being single

Being single and content, I might add, enables you to do these bodily functions makeup free within the confines of your own lowly abode. Who wouldn’t be elated about THAT? 😀 If you’re always booed up, some anal audio is BOUND to seep out which I’m sure renders a chuckle or two. However, being single (or just casually dating here and there) allows you to look your best ALL the time while keeping the death breath at bay! And yes, this may seem trivial to some, but spooning with diarrhea or cramps is just not my thing! 😛 But I digress…

One Last Thing

…and on a more serious tip, I’m also truly content while single because of my Heavenly Father.

Here lately, I’ve been developing a more intimate relationship with Him. Our talks, convos, and LOL’s reassure me that He will send me ‘the one’ as and when He sees fit.

Ya know, it’s quite frustrating meeting a guy and having these exceptionally high hopes to only have them plummet. It’s an even bigger bummer when you find out their true colors are dimmer than a sepia filter. This is why we must remain happily content in the interim.

Instead of being so focused on relationships with man, we should busy ourselves with experiencing life’s treasures, bettering ourselves, remaining positive despite adversities, and forging and inseparable bond with our Head Honcho of a Heavenly Father.

Will Single Sistah Soldier Remain Single?

Of course, not! I’m too cute for that and I have PLENTY to offer!

Will I dwell/harbor on my single status during this time though – coveting others and wishing I had what their IG pictures depict? Or will I continue to tan, bleach my teeth, strive for my dream of becoming the 1st African American Female Secretary of Agriculture while online shopping at choies.com? Well, I’m sure y’all know the answer to that one!


Now that Sergeant Shimmy is done being a tad bit vulnerable by letting y’all into her world (thank Twillie), you all can drop and give me 50! J/K 25 will do! 😉

But seriously, who else feels the same? Which one of you are single and enjoying yourselves and who else can’t STAND the thought of spooning while queasy? Share your thoughts below!

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully 

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