Shimmy Sistah’s Playlist Vol. 3 – Ladies Edition

Kreuger’s dead, killings at Camp Crystal Lake will forever go unsolved, and I’m pretty convinced that purchasing any red-headed, overall wearing doll promising to befriend you or your loved one is anything but mere child’s play.

Best Ladies Playlist 2016

Honestly, I’m much more of a Christmas fanatic, but sometimes I can’t help my insatiable desire for all things eerie! Thankfully, I’ve decided to step away from the gore and give y’all some festive fall features you can be sure to listen to during your next hay ride! Hope y’all enjoy!

1. Izzy Bizu – White Tiger

I once admired my little brother for his intellect, ambition, and quirky mindset, but now it looks like I can add ‘taste in music’ to the list as well!!!

He introduced me to Izzy around 2 weeks ago thinking I’d like her genre, style, and vocals. He’s usually never wrong, but he kinda missed the mark on this one – as i actually ended up LOVING her!

Her sound is as pure as it is melodic. It takes you to a foreign abyss of euphoric undertones and rich inflections that will leave you wanting more…much more. Plus, she’s wearing tulle with sneakers on her album cover! It doesn’t get much better than that!

Check out more of her retro-chic style with these hits!

Mad Behavior

Someone that Loves You

2. Lianne La Havas – Say a Little Prayer

My little brother led me to the water and since I took a drink, I happened to stumble upon Lianne after checking out Izzy.

Lianne, British singer/songwriter, has a story that inspires and really showcases the power of social media. She was raised by her grandparents after the unfortunate split of her parents. Not letting that hinder her and realizing her musical strengths she received from her parents, she began singing and playing instruments at a young age.

Taking advantage of Myspace and other social media platforms by showcasing her urban appeal, afforded her the spotlight! Let’s not dim her shine and put these records on repeat!

What You Don’t Do


3. Solange – Cranes in the Sky

I can’t cook which is probably why Solange is letting us have a seat at her table instead!

My favorite song, Cranes in the Sky, is the epitome of beauty. In fact, her entire album is. Not being afraid to touch on the inequities experienced by African Americans in the most harmonious of ways is truly a testament to her growth…and mine.

Grab your barrettes, pull up a chair, and get comfortable. I can’t wait to see what she’s serving us for dessert! Check out her menu below!



Best Playlist 2016

4. Emily King – Distance

We drove ALL the way to Little 5 Points, parked our car in the sketchiest of parking lots, waited in line, but missed her show (she was the opening act to Emeli Sandé).

Our Mommy and Me date wasn’t all a blunder, however. We got the chance to see Emeli Sandé and because Emily King’s posters were plastered everywhere, we got the chance to look her up and see how much of a star she really is!

Echoing a similar urban appeal like Lianne, Emily is one for the books! Her lyrics either tell a story, make you fall in love, or BOTH! I mean, I’ve gone plenty of cuffing seasons without a significant other, but this year, I just may have to find me an inmate!

Listen to the rest of these as you join me on my cuffing quest!

Off Center

U & I

Ordinary ♥

At Night He Plays

5. Emeli Sandé – Hurts

The only thing that hurts is that even in the shower, I’m STILL unable to belt like this one!

Now while we weren’t able to secure our spots for Emily King’s show, my mommy and I did get a chance to see Emeli Sandé in concert. To say we enjoyed her presence, humbleness, talents, and overall ambiance she created at the Variety Playhouse would be an utter understatement. Even her hairdo captivated us!

I believe she’s coming out with another album soon, so stay ahead of the curve by tuning in below!



Next to Me

My Kind of Love


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