Tinder Put Me In JAIL!!!

Tinder put me in jail tinder app online dating

TBH with y’all, I didn’t even wanna download the darn thing. I mean, meeting cute strangers, getting free meals while exploring the city – who wants THAT? Certainly not me! 😛 Why? Well, cuz being Stubborn Single Susan is SO much better and way more fun too! 😉

*record scratch*

Who am I kidding? After hearing the crazy run-ins, foolish encounters, and potential love stories from my besties all generated by just a few swipes, ya girl HAD. TO. JOIN. Little did I know I’d be incarcerated in less than 2 hours…

Tinder put me in jail tinder app online dating

So my app is downloaded. I’ve synced it with Facebook and after uploading my 3 fave photos, I’m good to go! I get my trigger finger ready as I excitedly journey down my newfound Tunnel of !

Tinder put me in jail tinder app online dating

To give me the benefit of the doubt, I admit, I began either swiping left or right AFTER I read each and every individual bio and gawked at all of the photos each guy uploaded (you know, to weed out the bad seeds!). I judged based on their looks, occupations, and interests in order to see if our stars were, in fact, aligned. Before long, however, I became immersed in a galaxy of sorts!

There were just SO. MANY. DUDES! Short, tall, big, small – with the potential to have them all??? I kinda went crazy!! Like Kanye Crazy! Cuz let’s face it, the app is A.D.D.I.C.T.I.N.G. in a good way, but addicting nonetheless.

Tinder put me in jail tinder app online dating

Well, obviously Tinder noticed my addiction and just like the A&E Network, they staged an Intervention and completely cut me off. Like cold turkey. Without a warning too! 😛 Apparently, matching with 92 hotties in under 73 minutes is a crime with ’12 hour you can’t swipe no-mo’ penalties!

Boy, was I furious! I couldn’t believe it! Some little coding tech was coming between me and ‘the one’…the audacity!!! 😐

Thankfully, Tinder wasn’t too hard on me as they continued to let me converse with those I had previously connected with. Phew! 🙂 This allowed me the opportunity to get to know some of the guys and establish connections…real connections! As a matter of fact, by the time my 12-hour sentence was over, my interest in swiping for more matches had simply plateaued.


Have any of you used Tinder? Did they sentence you to 12 hours of ‘Swiper-no-Swiping’ too? How did you cope? How did you deal? Share your stories below and use the hashtag #LOVEat1stSWIPE on all of your social networks so we can connect and laugh about them together!

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