Month: July 2016

♫ Drops of Jupiter ♫

♫ Drops of Jupiter ♫

Who else remembers that song? Who else has memories of plugging their foamy yet lightly padded cover cushioned headphones into their Sony Walkmans during bus rides home with the HIGHEST of hopes set on listening to Train belt this ballad without any skips in sight? […]

Tinder Put Me In JAIL!!!

Tinder Put Me In JAIL!!!

TBH with y’all, I didn’t even wanna download the darn thing. I mean, meeting cute strangers, getting free meals while exploring the city – who wants THAT? Certainly not me! 😛 Why? Well, cuz being Stubborn Single Susan is SO much better and way more […]

Carnival Crusin’

Carnival Crusin’

Shipwrecked is an overstatement, but just go with it! 😉

Carnival Cruise Lines Paradise

So I’m sure ya’ll remember me boasting about my upcoming journey with the chicest shoes to match. Well, we’ve anchored and I’m finally ready to share the scoop on all things skiff and so much more!

Now Lord knows I’m always ready for a challenge and taking the road less traveled just happens to be my mantra. However, when Mother Nature is in the mix, I tend to back off and let her do her thang. Carnival Cruise Lines doesn’t see it that way though…

Despite Tropical Storm Colin bringing forth forceful winds and surging waves to the Coast of Tampa and the entire Gulf, Carnival Cruise Paradise mustered their might and opted to continue our scheduled excursion abroad.

Did this come with a few complications? Of course! 😛 Not only did we have to remain at the Port of Tampa for an extra day (until the storms subsided), but because of this delay, we also had to miss out on visiting the Grand Cayman’s all together. 🙁 This detour of distress did afford us a couple of extra hours in Cozumel and a few extra bucks credited to future cruises booked through Carnival; however, those gestures weren’t enough for the dismayed guests (including ourselves). It just dampened things a bit, ya know?

On the other hand, things weren’t totally adrift. The crew, maintenance staff, and food were impeccable!! 😀 In fact, the propulsion system had some major difficulties, but with the assistance of the crew and succulent entrees, we barely even noticed!

Overall, I’d say the trip was a mild success. The absence of cell service and lack of internet (unless you forked out the $25 per day for it) definitely provided some much needed time for self-reflection and fostered opportunities to meet people organically. I even got my mother out of her mussel shell to help me perform karaoke LIVE to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies’ which was undoubtedly a hit!

So tell me, where are y’all headed this summer? Ever been on a Carnival Cruise? Encountered Colin? Share your stories below!

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully 

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