Month: May 2016

⇒ Natural Hair Magazine’s 2016 Hair Summit Giveaway ⇐

⇒ Natural Hair Magazine’s 2016 Hair Summit Giveaway ⇐

Can we just be like P. Diddy on a yacht somewhere poppin’ Ciroc with tattered fedoras on our wig wearing noggins? Or is emulating Mr. Worldwide much better? Either way, we really need to pick one or the other so we can get to CELEBRATING […]

♫ Shimmy Sistah’s Playlist – Vol. 2 ♪

♫ Shimmy Sistah’s Playlist – Vol. 2 ♪

Whether you’re working out, prepping for Memorial Day festivities, or are just curious as to what Shimmy’s listening to this month, then look NO further! Below, I’ve compiled my list of jams I can’t get enough of! ♫♥♪ 1. Daddy Lessons – Beyonce 2. Angels – […]

¡¡¡Life Questions Tag!!!

¡¡¡Life Questions Tag!!!

life questions tag

Talk about procrastination, Shimmies! I was literally tagged in this chain letter tag ordeal around November of LAST YEAR!!! Do I have an excuse for FINALLY getting this checked off my 2-do list though? Naw, not really, but my best guess is that maybe some time between all that turkey, presents, and NYE’s celebrations I indulged upon, I must’ve lost track of both my time and priorities. 😛 Nevertheless, I’m here like your nearest Dominos and ready to deliver! 😉

Before I get started, however, I’d like to extend a gratuitous hand to both Cicely Renee of Bougie Black Blogger for creating this uber neat tag and Audrey of Audrey Can for tagging little ole procrastinating me in this challenge! Now without further ado, let’s jump right in! 😀

bougie black blogger

1. Choose only 5 people in your life for the rest of your life to live with.

– Since I can’t just be like Pokemon and choose ’em all, I guess I’ll settle with my mommy, my wee-little brother, Tatyana Ali, Eddie Murphy, and Justin Bieber! 

2. Why do you exist?

– To bring the most vibrant of COLOR to everyone’s monochromatic lives!!!

3. Design your perfect day.

– I’ve never had this lifestyle, but boy, do I look upon it with the utmost reverence!

My perfect day would consist of rising and shining to a freshly made organic breakfast consisting of eggs over hard, toast so buttery it’s practically yellow, a mouth-watering and quenchful smoothie, and 1 mini slice of bacon to make my ♥beat content! Next, I’d like to have my glittery pink notebook handy as I jot down notes and things 2-do all gathered from my oh-so extensive email accounts. Before long would come my rigorous workout session in my highly coveted COLLEGE IVY PARK gear. Then off to the races…the rat race, that is! I’m talking meeting, after meeting, after meeting! And speaking at those really high falutin events that have fancy forks and such…yeah, add those to my day as well! 😉 Next up is my time spent doing volunteering services and helping my fellow brethren within my community. Finally, after my tiresome day is complete, I’ll decompress over a lovely cup of chai awaiting my slumber sure to be full of the sweetest dreams!

4. Now that you have designed that day, you have to live that exact day forever – what are some things you would change?

– Seeing how I procrastinate (i.e. the delay of this post) and how sleeping tends to be more of a hobby of mine, I’d probably substitute one of those haste-no-waste meetings for some much needed and quite deserved rest!

5. If people treated you the way you treated them, would you like it or not?

– I can be quite brash; therefore, I tend to hang with those who are not. I just can’t take the sarcasm!!!! 😛 So, my answer is no! No, I wouldn’t like it…not one bit! LOL

6. What is one thing you would love to have for the rest of your life?

– My mommy’s scent…if I could bottle it all up and tote it around like a Betsey Johnson bag, I most definitely would!

7. You, yourself are a charity – what would you represent and why?

Hips of Hope – enough said! 😉

8. Peace, Love, or Happiness for life…choose one.

Happiness – because without it, how can you have the other two?


Phew! And with that exasperated breath, I’m done, son! 😀 Now it’s YOUR turn! Answer the questions below and tag your friends while you’re at it! Let’s keep this tag-you’re-it-chain-letter thingie going!

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully 

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life questions tag bougie black blogger

P.S. Like this photo above? Feel free to use it as a stock photo on your OWN blog! Stay tuned for many more! 😉

♠ Vixen Versa ♠

♠ Vixen Versa ♠

Let’s face it, buying a new car can be a daunting, if not intimidating, experience. Between the car salesmen breathing their hot breath down your backs and hovering over your every move – all the while practically shoving financial literacy terms down your throat, it’s […]

Cooking at home with online recipes

Cooking at home with online recipes

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≥ Class iZZZ in Session ≤

≥ Class iZZZ in Session ≤

Who else absolutely ‘s that darn Arby’s “WE HAVE THE MEATS” commercial? I know I’m late, but that goofy yet awesomely savvy and much memorable slogan is quite the tagline! …but I digress… 😛

Soooooo besides Justin Bieber’s face, there aren’t too many things that tickle me PINK…except for THIS announcement!!!




That’s right!!!! I’m ELATED to announce that after 3 months of searching to my heart’s content, I’ve finally found an actual job and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

Now despite my elation and overall unbounded happiness, I must admit, there were times where I felt discouraged, incompetent, and just downright dumb due to the harsh realities that play a role in the entire job search process. With my family, friends, and the accompaniment of Baby Jesus, however, I overcame these insecurities and feelings of despair. Cuz let’s face it, walking around with dashed hopes and dreams will TOTALLY hinder me from embarking on my journey to basically becoming the World’s BESTEST Professor of Economics!

So, if you’re ready to tag along with me on this cooler than cool quest, then grab your Trapper Keepers, pretty-n-pink pens, and let’s ‘Make like Malthus‘ and get to educating and enriching the lives of everyone! 😉

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully choco widget footer!

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