I’ve been blogging for QUITE some time now soooooooooo let’s just say I know a thing or two…or even THREE for that matter…about this Blogosphere and the greats that reside there!

Truth be told, there are SO many UH-mazing bloggers out there making me a mere peon in their world of sorts trying to perfect my craft on a platform all my own! However, similar to swimming in a tank filled to the brim with like 1.289 BILLION Cullen Jones’, it can be a bit overwhelming and oftentimes challenging, but nonetheless, EXTREMELY fulfilling, rewarding, and down right AWE-FREAKING-SOME!

That being said, I’d like to celebrate those greats whom I happen to be doing the breast stroke with! Yes, I enjoy their posts, and yes, their website layouts are mighty cool, but overall, their creative minds, content, and messages they convey are what peak my interest even more! Therefore, I hope you all take the time to visit their websites and see why I find them as charming as I do! Oh yeah, you know the deal – Tell ’em Shimmy sent ya… & tell Cullen I’d like to whisper in his ‘Swimmers Ear’… 😉

7. Karen-On


Layout look familiar? Yeah, Shimmy must confess – I stole some layout tips & tricks from Miss Karen! No worries, I told her and she was PERFECTLY fine with it! Besides all that thievery, however, I’d like for all of my San Francisco Shimmy’s to check out her blog for all things to do & see in Cali’s own ‘Bae Area .’ Karen makes sure to keep you up to date and always on beat with the hottest eateries and events to make your stay or visit worthwhile! Get your Golden Gate on and click below!


6. Who is Amber Janae


Ain’t she cute? Exquisite style, impeccable writing, and with a motivating spirit that captures those far and wide, Amber Janae is not only a blogger, but an author as well! Yup, through her writings, she intimately shares her innermost insecurities while shedding light on how she came into her own and undeniably prevailed through it all! Did I mention her Self-Love Sundays? Well, stop your contempt and fall in your deepest LOVE of self by clicking below!


5. Sanaa Brooks


Sanaa and I met over Twitter, exchanged some HILARIOUS commentary over how we feel when guys ask us for nudes, and needless to say, our friendship has budded ever since! Simply put – I love her! She’s a cutie of a blogger who’s a sucker for wine, her daughter, and spilling the news on all things fashionable, beautilicious, and SO. MUCH. MORE. Hurry and get a glass of your fave Zinfandel & check her out!


4. Studio Mucci

downloadUnicorns more your thing? Have a love for pastels? Look NO further then! Mucci is your 1-Stop-Shop for everything Totally-Tassel-Terrific and more! She’s a creative mastermind that loves you, her products, and most of all – herself! Pick up her products and body positivity by clicking below!


3. Real Brown Girls

IMG_6453Okay, okay, okay! This is NOT a #plug and this is by NO means a promotion tactic vying to bring your attention to my excerpt on their website which you can access by clicking here! This is nothing more than promoting a platform that gave me my first debut! Real Brown Girls is a website that features TONS of mocha-cocoas, such as myself, and basically gives us the opportunity to share our stories and journeys while unapologetically being ourselves! 🙂 QUICK! Go immerse yourselves in the love!


2. Becky Bedbug

NgD6hEGExperienced isn’t even the word! Becky has been blogging for some time now and her content proves it! I’ve only been to England once (to change airports on my way to Africa), but from across the pond, this blogger keeps me engaged on how to make my blog THAT much better, makes sure I’m smelling right with the latest Lush products,  and informs me on all of the wonders of Europe! Become Dora and explore by clicking below!


1. Cold Knowledge

ChdlOlNWho keeps me on my toes? Who is like THEE BEST BLOGGER out here? Who, besides my family, supports me like NO other??? Who works most tirelessly on his blog and tries his darndest to help us newbies get acclimated and feel more encouraged each and every day? THIS GUYYYYYYYY! Devon is my HERO! Don’t believe me? Get to clicking!



Aren’t they just OUTTA THIS WORLD!?!?! Intergalactic, extraordinary, and COSMIC even! But just like there are millions of stars and probably TWICE as many galaxies out there, there are plenty more bloggers I adore as well! I’ll list them below for your viewing pleasure! 🙂

Remember to Live Life Beautifully 









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