¨Perks of having SMALL BOOBS¨

IMG_0693Let’s face it, tiny ta-ta’s get a bad rep! Yeah, there a few who think they are cute, many loathe them, some couldn’t care less and, of course, we have those that, in a drunken stupor, would attempt to motorboat them regardless of their great divide! But are their ANY perks to having boobs whose sizes reflect our scholastic GPA’s? I mean, besides being a part of a REMARKABLE Itty-Bitty Committee, there HAS to be something us members have to look forward to, right? Well, duh! 😉 Shimmy’s top seven are below!

1. Keith No-Sweat

Breaking a sweat in the gym never felt so good especially since we don’t have to lift and wipe excess perspiration from under our Beautiful Bouncing Buddahs!

2. No bra? No problem!

That’s right, Shimmies! Don’t feel like strapping on? No worries! Come as you are – bra-less and unrestricted! You feel great and look even better! 😉

3. Self-Check in a Cinch

Don’t wait until October to check your Sweater Stretchers especially since it won’t take long at all!

4. Stuck like Glue

Wanna stargaze? Enjoying the crazed visuals you depict as you paint the sky with your imaginative cloud creations? Well, do that without worrying about your boobies falling prey to your armpits! Don’t believe me? Put any bountiful Shimmy to the test!

5. Jumpin’ Jack your Rack

Being top-heavy is NO issue for those who have to stuff with tissue!

6. Size Small, Please!

Not only do our favorite boutiques stay stocked with our size, but they often place those items on sale! Better bargain and bang for your buck, when 32B is the size of your cup! (See what I did there?) 😀

7.  Call of Booty

Oftentimes, when we lack in one arena, we are more than able to compensate in another…it’s just life! With that being said, our bodies are no different! So don’t fret because your rack is lack! Turn around, Shimmies! Show them your booty’s got back!


So there you have it! How did the Chairman of Itty-Bitty do? Now I’m sure I missed a few perks, so I’m gonna need my Shimmies to list more below, but in the meantime, remember that the validity of your bodies, no matter their shape, size, or stature, should NOT be given the stamp of approval by the social constructs our society places on them. I don’t know about you, but I treasure my Gerber Servers no matter their size and YOU. SHOULD. TOO.

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully <3

– Shimmy Sistah

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