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I’ve been blogging for QUITE some time now soooooooooo let’s just say I know a thing or two…or even THREE for that matter…about this Blogosphere and the greats that reside there! Truth be told, there are SO many UH-mazing bloggers out there making me a […]

***GET 2 GIF***

***GET 2 GIF***

Why am I popping bottles? WELL, SIMPLY BECAUSE I CAN! Yesterday, while at work (shhhh, don’t tell my BO$$), I decided to explore my App Store to see what was Fun, Fabulous, and Free and look at what I stumbled upon!!!! GIPHY CAMMMMMMMMMMMMM This UH-MAZING […]

≤Fringe with BenefitZZZZ≥

≤Fringe with BenefitZZZZ≥

Want a relationship with your hair that involves NO commitment? Then try Elva by Motown Tress! This layered bob is full of THICKNESS, LENGTH, & RAZORED ENDS quick to slice and dice faster than Wal-Mart prices!

IMG_0887TBH, Shimmies, I simply cannot think of ANY negatives with this one! As I’m sure you guys can tell, I typically don’t do wigs with bangs…I’ve tried on MANY, but they usually leave me looking like I’m kin to Cousin It!!! Why? Well, it’s because my forehead is more of a 3-head of sorts! It’s so tiny! My baby-hairs reach my eyebrows and it’s like they give each other HIGH5’s each day JUST to annoy me! But something about Elva made me want to venture out and take that dive down Fringe Freeway; and boy, I’m glad I did!


I’d say Elva is around 20-22 inches of luxurious length! With her 2-inch deep side part, she has more of a Yaki texture minus those darn crimps they typically come with (comment below if you find those as annoying as Shimmy does?!)! As far as her wig cap construction is concerned, she’s PLENTY spacious! Matter of fact, there was no snugness whatsoever! For my Shimmies with a bigger noggin like myself, this means HEAVEN, but this doesn’t mean my Shimmies with petite noggins should worry! She comes fully equipped with two combs towards the front – adjacent to the deep side part and one lonely comb in the rear with adjustable straps.

Oh yeah! Don’t let me forget to touch on her lace!!!! Elva has that neat new stuff! I’m talking that Swiss Lace, Shimmies!!!!!! Not only is this lace rip resistant and more comfortable, but it’s UBER soft, covers our foreheads from ear to ear, AND comes in OUR shades!!!!! Matching with the complexion of our scalps has never been so easy!



Cuz it’s 11:30 and the club is JUMPIN’ JUMPIN’!!!!!!! Can you spell “N-O-S-T-A-L-G-I-C”???? Could I be Letoya Luckett’s twinsie or nah? (…agree with me here!!! Just go with it!) 😉 But doesn’t this wig remind you of the cutest singing quartet we all know as Destiny’s Child? Back then I totally thought since Letoya and I were the same mocha-cocoa skin complexion, I’d look fabulous with her hairstyle! In fact, I distinctly remember asking my ATL hairdresser to cut my hair exactly like Letoya’s despite my mother’s wishes. Taking 7 years to grow out those darn layers helped me see WHY she instructed me NOT to do so! But eh, now I can have the look without all the hassle! 😀 Kudos to Motown Tress! 🙂

Getting down is my thang, so I guess I should share with you all that recently I went dancing in this wig-wonder a couple of weekends ago. My dance moves were on point (as usual) and Lord KNOWS I was cutting a rug, but my sweat glands making their debut on her strands definitely made her frizz around the nape of my neck! Yeah, ya girl was shimming a tad TOO much! 😉 Nonetheless, with her Futura fibers able to withstand heat up to 400 degrees, I was able to straighten the ends and basically look as cute in her as I did when I first slipped her out of her box!

Another thing, she’s long, so be sure to keep that in mind because I don’t know about the sunshine and temperatures you guys are facing, but the heat here in NM is no joke! I found myself desiring a hair clip, but I never caved because she was just so darn flowy and majestic! I couldn’t possibly tie up her loose ends to be brandished any longer!

Lastly, time is surely of the essence when it comes to our daily activities and luckily, Elva’s longevity is no different! For the past month, I’ve had her on – fooling the masses!!! Despite this timeframe, however, she still looks awesome, so you’ll indubitably get your money’s worth!



Speaking of money, without further adieu, let’s get to the guap I had to spend to cop her! I purchased Miss Elva at my local beauty supply for a WHOPPING $54 bucks!! YIKES, right? Yeah, my broke college pockets felt the crunch inevitably! Thankfully, I found a website that sells her for a MUCH lower price! How does $34.95 sound? Hmmmm…sounds like I can buy a cute outfit from Forever 21’s new Fall Collection Line with my leftover cents! I’ll leave the URL below so you can check it out for yourselves!


So that’s it Shimmies! I can’t wait for you guys to try her out for yourselves and tell me all about how beautiful each and every one of ya looked!!! Leave your links, pics, and more below!!!

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully <3

-Shimmy Sistah

P.S. Beware, I do NOT wear my lace-fronts with glue NOR tape. I wear my lace-fronts with less of an inch of my OWN hair out because I think they look more realistic that way!  Be sure to leave your comments, suggestions, and inquiries below!



Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. In my previous post, Bare it ALL, I ranted and raved over achieving the most PERFECTED drugstore nude sure to knock out ANY high-end competitor, but let’s face it, I’m a woman who’s entitled to change her mind (or at least that’s […]

¨Perks of having SMALL BOOBS¨

¨Perks of having SMALL BOOBS¨

Let’s face it, tiny ta-ta’s get a bad rep! Yeah, there a few who think they are cute, many loathe them, some couldn’t care less and, of course, we have those that, in a drunken stupor, would attempt to motorboat them regardless of their great […]


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