Legends of the Hidden §hirley Temple


Let’s forget the anecdotal writing here and get straight to the point!…just kidding! 😉 You know Shimmy can’t POSSIBLY begin a post without a fable or two! 🙂

So you know when you walk into Macy*s and see the cutest Material Girl outfit on the most oddly posed mannequin? The shiniest of sequins, the plunging necklines, and the silkiest of fabrics – you can’t help but think “Boy, if it looks THIS great on the mannequin, I’m sure to give my haters an eyeful when they see ME in it!” Except you don’t. Instead, you give them something more along the lines of an eyesore of sorts… :\

Shantel, Sensationnel’s coiled conundrum, kinda gave me the same effect unfortunately. The way the tendrils framed the face of the model…I couldn’t HELP but be lured in! I knew that if she looked that spectacular, with some contouring, fake lashes, and a can of hair spray, I could too! Boy, was I wrong…

The specifics…

To mimic the sun rays, I chose color F4-27 and in order to mimic the wig, I used Streaks & Tips’ Temporary Color Highlighting Spray in ‘Golden Blonde’ and Gray Disappear’s Hair Mascara in ‘Espresso.

Next, in order to seamlessly blend my own hair with Shantel’s curl pattern, I simply used my method demonstrated here. (It should be noted, however, that in my previous post, I braided my hair into two corn rolls, whereas here I deviated a tad by choosing the two-strand twist instead!)

Following my blending techniques, I decided to take Shantel for a test drive. With ease, I clipped her lace, slipped her on, and secured her tightly with her two clips in the front and one in the rear. Hands down, I could tell I wasn’t going to have any problems in the “this cap is too tight” arena! As a matter of fact, the cap fit so nicely, I didn’t even have to use the additional adjustable straps!

So where did the problem ensue?

The curls. It was the curls, Shimmies…I must admit, I’m a junkie for the whole Shirley Temple look, and Lord knows I’m all about adding an extra pep 2 my step, but these curls were just…TOO…TIGHT! They didn’t let up either! 😛 The more I pulled, tugged, separated, and finger-combed through, the frizzier they became with no signs of stretching in sight. I guess I’m just not a fan. But guess what?!? Neither was anyone else! 😛

Practically everyone asked why I “cut my hair” while they eagerly anticipated the return of my inner-raven. Both mopey and miserable, I quickly cooled their jets and let them know that Shantel was only temporary and that I, too, wasn’t thrilled. Hurriedly, I ran home, tossed Shantel, ran some Maybelline Blackest Black mascara through my streaked and highlighted hair, fastened Las Mogan, smeared on my Vampira by Kat Von D to give myself that modish look that’s so in right now and went about the rest of my day! << run on sentence! 😉

Now I’m sure some of my Shimmies have experienced Horrific Hair days! Do tell by sharing below!

P.S. Oh yeah, just because Shantel wasn’t my cup of tea, doesn’t mean you won’t want to take a sip. By all means check her out on Bonanza!

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully <3

– Shimmy Sistah

*** Beware, I do NOT wear my lace-fronts with glue NOR tape. I wear my lace-fronts with less of an inch of my OWN hair out because I think they look more realistic that way! 🙂 Be sure to leave your comments, suggestions, and inquiries below! ***

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