<3 May the 14th be with YOU! <3

Yeah? No? Okay…well, I tried…as usual! 😉

GL – George Lucas, to me, is considered to be the renown archenemy of the AWESOME OPOSSUM Planet of the Apes franchise since the late 70’s. Why have I given him this alias, however? Well, it’s only because he masterfully managed to create the iconic Star Wars Trilogy that would rival my simian homies for decades to come. How shady is THAT? And let’s not forget to mention how he has also donated over $1 million to aid in the majestic construction of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial, established his own nonprofit organization, and pocketed a whopping $4 billion when he successfully sold his filming company to none other than Walt Disney! (Who knew Walt had THAT much money? Does he have a son or nah?…) 😉 But seriously though, what hasn’t Lucas done? All that’s left to do is avenge Ultron and Robert Downey Jr. claimed that feat last weekend!! He could always star our beloved Lupita in the next installment of … wait he did that too! Jeez Lucas! Can you like STOP being so great?!?

<3 Facebook – “Helping people remember birthdays since 2004!” <3

MZ – Need I say more? Mark Zuckerberg, in the most unconventional and unprecedented ways possible, has become a more than influential token of our past, present, and future generations to come! From the memes we share, to the annoying “Play Trivia Craaaaack NOW” notifications we receive every 12 mins, Facebook is an essential, and oftentimes necessary, time consuming component of our daily lives. For example, because of Mark’s ingenuity, we can now squabble endlessly down our News Feeds while waiting in line to place our orders for crab rangoons, face sleepless nights because our poor elbows are trying their darnest to keep our celly’s from splatting our contoured noses, and we, or course, luxuriate and bask in the essence of being able to chime in on where Stacy went, who accompanied her, and if her ex knew about it! 😀 HA! I just made a funny! 😉

FullSizeRender (1)

Now I bet my Shimmies are wondering as of WHY I am rambling on about these accomplished young fellows! Well, it’s because none other than SHIMMY SISTAH shares a BIRTHDAY with them BOTH! 😀 <3 😀 <3 😀 Taurus bred with an incredible journey ahead, Shimmy Sistah, alongside her two comrades, will be celebrating her birthday on May 14th, 2015! And guess WHAT! I’m inviting each of YOU to commemorate with her! SOMEBODY SCREEEEEEAAAAMMMMM! That’s right! I want all of YOU to come along for the ride! This means giveaway goodies and glitter GALORE!

On May 14th, I will be selecting a SHIMMITASTIC winner who will receive everything from my favorite mascaras and iTunes gift cards, to all things shiny, glistening, and PINK! Are there rules? Of course, there are, but they aren’t complicated, so don’t fret! 😉 All ya have to do is subscribe to my blog by pressing that follow button below so you can receive instantaneous hip-worthy updates! Oh yeah, also follow me on Instagram and Facebook @shimmysistah! And last but not least, comment below on your most memorable birthday experience! Was it spent with a special heartthrob who surprised you with hip scarves, bindis, and Sadie CD’s? Or was it spent @ home in complete tranquility and solidarity – away form the chaotic cacophonies we hone through each day? Do tell!

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully <3

– Shimmy Sistah



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