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Earlier this year, little ole me had the opportunity to be featured on Real Brown Girls amongst a plethora of dynamic, influential, and beauteous women doing some pretty awesome things, including forging movements for all things ladylike, depicting tales of when solitude was their only friend, and shedding light on grim situations when things were more than dim…

Among the questions asked for my feature were “Describe Shimmy Sistah for those who may not know” and “What inspired you to begin Shimmy Sistah”…you know, the typical! Thankfully, as I continued to canvas this questionnaire of sorts, I noticed how much more tailored the questions were to my blog, myself, and the art of belly dancing!!! Of course, I was THRILLED to say the least! 😀 It’s like they sincerely wanted to get to know me in order to share my story with the world one answer at a time! Although each question was a joy to ponder and eventually divulge upon, one question, in particular, captivated me the most, however…

The words ‘Live Life, Beautifully’ are showcased on your website, in your opinion, how does someone choose their life beautifully, what does that look like?

“When establishing my blog, WordPress gave me the option to have a quote of some sort to be displayed underneath my heading – Shimmy Sistah. To be honest, it took me awhile to even come up with anything. I even contemplated leaving it blank. Then it hit me! What did I want my readers to do most of all? Enjoy my posts – yes. Become inspired, yes. Comment and offer feedback – yes. But most of all, I wanted them to Live Life, Beautifully! Easier said than done, I know, but exerting the extra effort to at least try is more than rewarding. It’s almost as though Joel Osteen and I are related or something. Promoting positivity is just our thing! Therefore, choosing to Live Life, Beautifully involves choosing to remain positive despite ANY situation you may be in. Seek the good within yourself and others while looking forward to the future with the highest expectations, hopes and dreams to be exponentially fulfilled. To Live Life, Beautifully means to arrive at the gates of Heaven and realize that your Box of Blessings is empty. It’s realizing that during your purposeful time here on Earth, every desire of your heart was fulfilled and all your blessings were received!”

Did you peep that question? And that response…wasn’t it the ish? 😉 The team of Real Brown Girls noticing my motto, tagline, catchphrase (whatever ya wanna call it) at the closing of each of my posts humbled, astounded, and even gratified me greatly <3 ! <3 To know that a minor detail that I strive to help resonate within my readers each week was actually being acknowledged hit me like a BOMBSHELL! And I ain’t talking the Vicki Secret kind either! 😉

So by virtue of all things beautiful and our efforts we exert each and every day in order to enjoy their splendor, I dedicate this post to my readers and Real Brown Girls! For your support, your time, and the true essence that truly makes you who you are, I thank you immensely! Y’all deserve it! 😉 But don’t y’all DARE think this is just some FREE LUNCH where you get a cute dedication and Shimmy gets nothing in return! I’m an Economist and things just don’t work that way over here! 😛

So what am I requesting of my Shimmies? Well, all I’m simply asking you all to do is Live Life, Beautifully! <3 Now don’t get me wrong, this is no easy task but by ceasing to brood on all things negative, severing ties with those who mean you harm, dwelling on the positive, expecting more than the best, loving yourself exorbitantly, and claiming unprecedented favor, this and more are fully attainable!!!

How does Shimmy know? Cuz of experience, Silly Rabbits! 😉 I’ve dodged the negativity, sharpened the shears, lingered on the loving, demanded A-1 (not the sauce!), fancied myself, and dibbed all things divine! And guess what! I’ve lived a much happier life because of it! 😀 As you already guessed, some actions came easier than others, and more often than not, I still struggle with a few; but overall, with practicing what I preach on a daily basis and living a lifestyle where abundance is undoubtedly expected, I’m able to flex a little more each day with a smile on my pretty face and ultimately Live Life, Beautifully!

In closing, because of my consideration of your beauty rest and for those who are probably hungry or already have their fave Netflix movie on queue, I bid you all adieu! Remember my words, take heed to my advice, and reap the benefits! I <3 tacos, but I cherish you all SO much more <3 <3 <3 Sweet dreams and…

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully <3

– Shimmy Sistah

If you’d like to check out my interview and Real Brown Girls -Where Brown Girls can be True to Themselves Unapologetically, just click HERE! 😉

SHOUT OUT to my Nikon D3000 for that BEAUTIFUL photo taken by yours truly! 😉 Hashtag #lanceNOTgross to show me yours!

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