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Do you have dry, cracked, ashy elbows, knees, or even hands? Do you put the ‘cut’ in cuticles? And how are your feet? Could you have been BAM-BAM’s Shimmy Sistah? If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these stimulating questions, you could possibly be at risk of Chronic Thirst…and I ain’t talkin’ the “He wants to be my BAE” kind either! 😉


What is Chronic Thirst, you ask? Well, oftentimes hereditary, but more or less just a case of not using the proper emollient, Chronic Thirst is a condition characterized by having chapped skin often compared to the Sahara Sands or the Dirt Devils of Arizona.

Contagious? No, not really, but warding off BAE’s who wish to interlock fingers during dates to see Fast & Furious 7 is of no competition for this moisture-less condition!

Treatment? It’s possible, but only if you continue reading!

Nourish Organics, a USDA certified organic beauty company that prides itself in providing “Food for Healthy Skin” is debuting a brand spanking new cream to oil Skin Solve and they affably sent me a sample! Cool beans, right? Now before we dive deeper into how wonderful this product is, let’s recall how much Shimmy <3 ‘s all things organic and more! Knowing a product is GMO free with no added chemicals, synthetics, or fragrances basically means my skin is absorbing nothing but essential nutrients sure to soothe and smooth!


Infused with shea and cocoa seed butters and rose hip and pumpkin oils, this hydrating moisturizer “starts as a cream and melts into an ultra-absorbent oil, making your complexion more luminous…” But be careful, Shimmies; if it’s stored at warmer temperatures or accidentally left in your car, this solvent will liquefy and remain as an oil. 🙁 This means that upon opening its goodness, you could be surprised with goo-gobs of product instead of the pea-sized amount truly needed. When this mishap occurred for me, I immediately stored my tube in my fridge. After an hour, it was back to normal and of course, it’s consistency was not affected! 😛 I must suggest, however, that to alleviate this issue, Nourish Organics should package this product in a way that enables its owner to dispense the product through a pump, so if the product were to become extremely oily, blunders such as leaking, spilling, and getting goo-gobs of it on your hands, clothes, and anything else nearby, won’t occur. Because let’s face it, the heels of my size 9’s need its nourishment, but my polyester harem pants…ummmm not so much!


By the same token, despite this slight hitch, Skin Solve works wonders! For my Southwest Shimmies – purchasing this product to use in our more arid regions is a must; and for my Southeast Shimmies – failure to purchase this product to use in your more humid conditions, would be simply sinister! 😀 How do I know? Well, due to Nourish Organics’ expeditious delivery, I was able to use my Skin Solve in not only New Mexico but also Atlanta since I traveled there to enjoy my Spring Break!!! Having my tube in tow while fighting these New Mexican winds helped me keep my flyaways at bay and even provide a natural highlight on my cheekbones when wearing makeup in humid GA was a no-go!

Final Thoughts? (Not the Jerry Springer kind!) TAKE MY MONEY! Yes, Shimmies! Go ahead and drop the guap! Just kidding! It’s only a meager $16 bucks! But seriously, go ahead and purchase Skin Solve and kiss your Chronic Thirst goodbye! My mother, a Chronic Thirst survivor, swears by the stuff! It’s quite cute too because even though she has to keep it in a plastic Ziplock to prevent leakage, my mother still adamantly requested (by stealing it, of course!) that I leave it in ATL for her to use! 😀 Hesitant and a tad perturbed, I caved in and left it for her lathering luxury!


Tempted to try? Click here and enjoy! Tell em Shimmy sent ya! 🙂

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully <3

– Shimmy Sistah

P.S. Chris, my darling, your philanthropic gesture was and is greatly appreciated! Thank you kindly! <3

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