° Shimmy’s TOP Netflix Flicks °

There’s NOTHING better than snuggling in my electric blanket on my couch with a nice 7 oz steak from Applebee’s 2-for-$20 deal-steal, my celly on silent, lights dimmed low, while sipping on a delicious New Mexican Sunset smoothie sure to quench my thirst!


Am I missing something, however? Uh-duh! My Wii MUST be turned on so I can enjoy my NETFLIX I don’t pay for! That’s right…I’m one of those people lucky enough to have the password of a gracious family friend! But let’s scratch that…what’s MOST important here is that I have freaking Netflix for my Friday nights I choose to not turn ⇑ to all things Vodka and Pitbull! I mean, I’m sure we ALL know, Netflix if pretty much Bae at this point in ALL of our lives! 🙂

Me and Bae have been going strong for about 2 years too! Baeflix (my pet-name for Netty) has always there for me, accepts me when I have the correct password and email, never lets me down unless my WiFi fails me first, tickles my fancy, and wipes my tears with it’s comedic section featuring one of the best stand-up comedians EVER – Eddie Murphy!

But what are my ultimate faves? What’s in my queue? What will you catch me watching any given weekday…or weekend…? Let me share!

1. Coming to America (it’s a classic, need I say more?)

2. Trading Places (because Eddie Murphy, that’s why)

3. Haunted House 1 & 2 (Father Doug will shank me if I don’t put these on the list)

4. Soul Plane (cuz I never realized Sofia Vergara was in this flick)

5. That’s What She Said (when I wanna be a hipster)

6. Hitch (when I’m feeling whimsically in <3 )

7. Guess Who (when I miss my Bernie)

8. Zoolander (when I’m feeling like a size 1)

9. Leprechaun (not the one from Mobile, AL) 😉

10. Pocahontas (Kocoum is Bae, okay…!)

11. Teen Witch (TOP THAT)

12. Monster High Episodes (cuz who doesn’t wanna be Cleo?)

What are some of YOUR faves? Leave them below! Oh yeah, tell me which ones we should petition for Netflix to bring BACK! I know ‘Love and Other Disasters’ better be back on the list by April or I will…ummmm j/k lemme start paying for my service first…then maybe Netflix will listen to Shimmy’s cinematic cries! Until then peep the words below and live by them wholeheartedly! 😀

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully <3

– Shimmy Sistah

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