♫ Ultimate Women’s History Month Playlist ♪

I play the flute and uhhh…I have an acoustic gee-tar in my bedroom…it’s just for decoration though… :\

Women's History Month Playlist

Who cares though! Y’all didn’t come here fuh dat! 😉 Y’all came here to hear some tunes and Shimmy’s here to deliver! 🙂 So in the spirit of ALL things feminine, girly, ladylike, and womanly, I’ve decided to put together an ULTIMATE PLAYLIST for the month celebrating US – God’s most PARADISAICAL creation! Sesquipedalian terminology, am I right? Well, I wouldn’t dare use such a big word if we weren’t worth the jabber! But enough with the chatter! Put your thesaurus away and get ready to JAM!

♪ Enjoy! ♪

List your faves below in case I’ve left out a tune or two!

Hope y’all enjoyed! 😀

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully <3

– Shimmy Sistah

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