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You’re hiking. The scenery is lovely. Eagles are above, Mountain monsters are below. Winds are calm. The humidity is low; therefore, your curls are still intact.

Then all of a sudden the Earth literally MOVES. You look as shocked as Will Smith’s face when he experiences his first earthquake with the effervescent Tisha Campbell!!! But guess what…this is NO earthquake, Sistah! And that’s no mountain you’re hiking either! In fact, you’re making your way up an erupting volcano…and those little mountain monsters…yeahhhh…take a closer look. Those are actually wee-little volcanic vermin!

Smoke engulfs your lungs. You realize it’s getting harder to breathe. As if grasping for air isn’t enough, ashes begin to settle in your curls and lava begins to trickle its way towards your tan-trekked Timberlands! Frantic, you quickly descend. You’re not that fast though!!! 😛 The lava catches up! What is a Shimmy to do? TOUCH IT, OF COURSE! 😀

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Does it burn? NO! Does it melt your finger tips? NOPE! Is it sparkly though? Uh duh! Does it shine? Certainly! So what do you do next? If you guessed “smear it across your lips,” then you’re quite the prodigy! Oh yeah, don’t forget to empty your water canister in order to bottle up your lava! Now you have some for later! Don’t ya just <3 the outdoors?

Keep in mind that if ya think the outdoors is overrated or if you’re lazy like me, however, you can just mosey on down the road to your nearest Walgreens and purchase the new Lip Lava lipgloss by CoverGirl!

So lemme tell you, just yesterday I was returning an item to my local Walgreens when a slender tube of metallic madness caught my eye! It was on a crate…not even on the shelves yet! Filled with anticipation and angst, I asked the “Be Well” sales associate if it was on sale to which she replied, “No!” Ready to sulk, she explained that they were planning on stocking it on the shelves eventually – just hadn’t gotten around to it yet. But who cared? Not me, that’s for sure!!! I had to have it regardless! So with a quick snatch, I copped my gloss that glistens!

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The shade I chose was “Lava Glow!” You can never go wrong with gold, right? So after punching in my rewards #, paying my doh, and retrieving my receipt, I rushed to my car to try it on! Thankfully, I wasn’t disappointed! 🙂

Full of shine and moisture, this gloss sported LOADS of glittery goodness! The concentration of sparkles is uncanny! It has a thick consistency, an iridescent shine, and gold glitter out da wa-ZOO! Needless to say, I’m in <3!

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Do I recommend this gold mine? Yessir, especially for special occasions. You can easily wear it alone, but if ya want that extra sass, pair it with your favorite BOLD lippie by slathering this Lava-Lovin’ on top (like I did to my Ruby Woo I’m modeling below)! Wish I had this for New Years or even Valentine’s Day! But eh, there’s ALWAYS St. Patrick’s Day!

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Remember to Live Life, Beautifully <3

– Shimmy Sistah

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