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Gloating really isn’t my thing…until now! 😛

Living in the Southwest is absolutely WONDERFUL! 🙂 We have ACME cartoon characters all around us, at least 350 days of pure unadulterated sunshine per year, and humidity hides in the deepest dunes-too timid to show her face! Am I leaving anything out? Of course, Shimmy is! 😉

 As if all those things weren’t enough, the Southwest also gifts its residents each year with the luxury of having Spring commence during the month of February! That’s right! I’m back to wearing my fave denim and leather jackets! This means no mo scarves, socks, gloves, beanies, and LAYERS! Ugh, how I HATE layers! Having that much weight added onto my shoulders makes me look and feel like a fashionable Gruffalo – not to mention it takes about four mins just to undress! 😛

I must admit, we still have a few days where Mother Nature terrorizes us with 55 degree highs, reminding us that Spring isn’t officially here until March 20th, but that doesn’t stop us from enjoying ourselves. We’re still bearing skin, flirting more, sporting our pastels, and turning heads while reveling in outdoor festivities! Matter of fact, I was just walking on campus the other day and captured two violinists performing Mozart’s finest masterpieces under New Mexico’s own Bur Oak tree. Apart from the Southwest, I’m afraid the rest of our beloved nation isn’t experiencing these luxuries!

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No worries, however! According to Punxsutawney Phil, y’all only have around two more weeks to go! That gives y’all plenty of time to bury yourselves in my blog, arrange your Spring-Time attire, and defrost your driveways, cars, and toesies! You can even plan a trip here if ya wanna! If ya do, don’t forget to pay me a visit! 😉

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully <3

– Shimmy Sistah

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