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Passing time prior to class beginning, I took to scrolling through my Facebook Feed to see the latest drama, selfies, belfies, and ‘my baby is 1 month old’ pics. 😛 Thankfully, Kellie’s ad broke the monotony and peaked my interest. Therefore, I clicked on her Facebook Page and look what I found!!!


Kellie, founder of Kiss my Honey, has created a lip balm like NO other! Not only is it USDA certified organic, all natural, paraben and chemical free, but it also contains no petroleum whatsoever, This enables our lips to be moisturized naturally while being able to absorb all the necessary nutrients they need to remain soft and supple…AKA Perfect for Pecking! 😉


The flavors I received were Chocolate and Mint. They couldn’t have come at a better time too especially with our treasured troops selling their mouth-watering Girl Scout Cookies! I swear both Chocolate and Mint could double as the scouts’ Toffee-tastic and Thin Mint varieties! YUM! Piquant, yes, but don’t nibble on your lips just yet! I have more to share!


The wear of these balms is what I’d describe as velvety. It’s kinda like smearing your lips with a matte balm that is light on application but provides a satiny-like texture sure to please! Speaking of ‘matte,’ these balms serve as fantastic primers when applying matte lippies. It honestly looks great with any matte lipstick you may have stored in your caboodles or concealer/foundation/eyeshadow stained makeup bag! This is because the balms, themselves, are matte; therefore, they don’t give off any shine that could potentially make your matte lipstick appear creamier than intended. Cuz let’s face it, rocking a glossy Indie Flick is NOT da bizness!

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Where can ya purchase these novelties from? Via www.kissmyhoney.com, of course! Also, if you’re in the Las Vegas, NV area, be sure to find Kellie as that’s where her headquarters are! She’s a fellow New Mexican, so I’m sure she will be as pleasant as her products! Tell her Shimmy sent ya!

SIDE NOTE: I’d like to PERSONALLY thank Kellie for sending me these products to review. These will serve as incredible gifts for Valentine’s Day and even better stocking stuffers for the holidays. I can’t wait to gift some for my mommy and Shimmies too!!!! Oh yeah, looking for something better than bills in your mailbox? Well, order from Kiss my Honey via snail mail! Kellie’s pink packaging was to D-I-E for! 😀

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully <3

– Shimmy Sistah

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