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Okay, all kids are cute. I get it. But Asia is something to be admired. She’s the outlier amongst them all! And if you have ANY spare change, she’s SURE to make you wanna write a BLANK check on her behalf…

Detroit native, Asia Newson, is my FIRST Black History Month Hero! Her personality is like no other and her efforts to encourage the youth of our nation are well on their way to inspiring both the folks of her Motor-City, my town, and your village as well.

At only 11, Asia is the CEO of her OWN company, Super Business Girl. SBG is a business where she markets her candles on the streets of Detroit to all passerby’s. With her proceeds, she is not only able to fund her back-2-school purchases, but also fund those in need of so much more.

How does she do this? Well, let’s put it this way…she has the ‘gift of gab’! Lock eyes with her and you’re DONE, SON! She will hit you with her irresistible charm, eloquent marketing pitch, coupled with her adorning personality. You’ll be BROKE after she’s done with you! Quite the charmer, eh?

My little Asia inspires me. She is already a BOSS and has aspirations to achieve MUCH more. And peep THIS – she’s also looking out for her fellow comrades! Yessir! She isn’t leaving Generation Z behind! Encouraging her fellow cohort to becoming young entrepreneurs is also on her agenda! YIKES, right? 😉

Who is your Black History Month Hero today? Be sure to share below! Connect with me this month on ALL social media so we can share Asia and many more by using the hashtag, #BHMH!

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully <3

– Shimmy Sistah

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