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isn’t always GOLD…sometimes it’s SILVER! 😀

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 What better way to begin your New Year than with EXCELLENT finances???

Let’s face it, last year we probably splurged on a parole-worthy OITNB Hallow’s Eve costume, spent loads on traveling home for Turkey Day, chocolate wasted funds on Black Friday, and went virtually bankrupt  on our anticipative quest to purchase a $70 last minute ticket to HOUSTATLANTAVEGAS’ most TURNT New Year’s Eve Bash…& that was only general admission! 🙁

Now it’s 2015, and broke ain’t even the word! 😛 Scuffling, scrounging, and #DAstruggle have replaced our usual vocabulary and opening the mail is more of a nightmare than ever before! Thankfully, you’re mi vatos and I’ve got ya covered! 😉

Chris, creator of Silver, contacted me recently asking if I could do him the pleasure of reviewing his brand-spanking new credit card app capable of not only helping you compare hundreds of credit cards in seconds, but also matching you with the credit card that best suits your financial history and upcoming future! Of course, Shimmy Sistah obliged! Ya know I stay helping y’all out. I mean eh, with me taking the time to assist ya financially, each and every one of ya will now have extra dough to exhaust on belly dancing lessons!!!! 😀 And I’m ALL about that! 😉 So get comfortable and continue reading. Forging your financial freedom is just a scroll down away! 🙂

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For starters, the app asked me what type of card I was looking for… rewards, low interest, cash back, or bad credit. I chose “Rewards” cuz we all want perks, right? 😉 Next, the app asked me what I was most interested in…cash back, airline mile and hotel points, gas credits, or all rewards cards to which I chose “Cash Back”. After making my selection, the app gave me a list of different cards I could choose from and the background of each including the APR% (annual percentage rates) and annual fees you may incur…Once I read all of the specs of each card, I was able to either call the credit card company for additional information, DIRECTLY APPLY for the credit card since the app can take me to the website (it’s safe too!), or even email family, friends, and Bae’s about the card in case they were interested.

Processed with Moldiv

 Processed with Moldiv

   Curious about the other options, I went back to Step 1 and clicked on “Bad Credit” then “All Bad Credit Cards” from the next set of options it gave me. The info provided was pretty good for those with credit that has been negatively impacted. Once more, the APR% rates, annual fees, and descriptions of the cards were provided. But guess what!?! THIS time additional information was displayed…this info included payment plan due date options, tools to keep track of your credit score, and there was even an option available to users to let you know if you will be subjected to credit checks! Personally, I think these extras are PERKfect for those building their credit back up! With these extra PERKalators, pretty soon we will ALL have racks on racks on RACKSSS!


Once my results were shown from the choices I made previously, I was then able to filter or search through them. So let’s say we are looking for APR% rates from around 11-20% with annual fees greater than $100, and I know that my credit score is excellent. Silver enables me to click on those options and narrow down my search so I’m not overwhelmed by all of the credit card options shown!

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Overall, this is a pretty neat app that kind of condenses all of your credit options based on your preferences all on ONE platform. You’ll be duly impressed as I saw so many credit cards I didn’t even know existed! 😛

Who would I recommend this app for? Well, this app would be ideal for college students, folks with unhappy credit, peeps who just wanna know a wee-bit more about credit cards before they jump in head first, and those desiring to begin their New Year more financially conscious than 2014!

*** Keep in mind that this app provides mini-descriptions of each credit card shown, BUT if you need more details and info, just head to the credit card’s website! 🙂 Also remember Shimmies, don’t just apply for every credit card application that comes through your snail mailbox – take your time as these are life altering decisions you’re making essentially. ***


Was this review helpful??? If it was and Silver turns out to be a must-have in your book, my fellow iPhone users can click here and my Droid lovers can click here in order to successfully “purchase” this app in your respective app stores. Be sure to let me know your Monetary Resolutions for the New Year below! Hopefully, this app can get you on the right track! Oh yeah, the app is free and works seamlessly with my iOS 8.1.2 iPhone 5! 🙂 Thank me later, Shimmies!

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully <3

– Shimmy Sistah

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