〈 Bare it ALL 〉

Stop looking for that PERFECT nude lippy, Shimmies! And by ALL means stop looking for it at your nearest MAC, Sephora, Lime Crime, and Bobbi Brown beauty counters! Lip Smack those peckers at half the price by just going to your nearest Wally World!

With these three products, I achieved the PERFECT nude lippy for all mocha-cocoa chocolate kisses like myself AND @ HALF the price! 😀

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The first product you need is this slender lip pencil by Rimmel in the shade Ultimate #046. Brits do it best when it comes to liners and this one doesn’t disappoint! 😉

Next, I coat my kisses with a flesh toned color by Wet-n-Wild in the shade Bare-ly Legal #364S.

Now you can stop there to achieve a classic nude for everyday wear OR you can AMP it UP a notch or two by adding some slick shine! NYC does the trick in its BIG Plumping Lip Gloss in the color Magnified Mauve. As it tingles your pout, it adds an iridescent shine sure to gleam as you show those pearly whites!

 Processed with Moldiv

You still reading? Oh gosh! Stop it already! Head to your nearest Wally World and cop these babies! Since they don’t cost nearly as much as the products offered at MAC, Sephora, and Lime Crime, you can even have some spare change to spend on Burt’s Bees’ Ultimate Care Hand Cream! Not only will your lips shine and be silky smooth, but holding hands with your Shimmy Sistahs, girlfriends, and new boos will become TOP priority! I love you guys! <3

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully <3

– Shimmy Sistah

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