♪ RING a DING, 2015 ♪

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It’s 2015, Gimmie BLING!

This is for you, Shimmies!!!

This is for my supporting Shimmies who have been with me since the very beginning! Yes, the beginning was only 7 months ago, but still! Y’all deserve a HUGE Thank You! Reading my posts, commenting, sharing your THOTS – handling my MADNESS!!!!  Y’all are simply DA BESTEST!

In appreciation of your support, I ‘Ring a Ding’ in this New Year with EACH & EVERY one of you! We have approximately 365 more days to spend together and we WILL make the best of it! We shall SMILE more, say NO without contrition, procrastinate LESS, remain FAITHFUL, and fear NONE! 😀

<3 2015 iZZZ OURS! <3

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully!!!!! <3

– Shimmy Sistah

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