Me and the rain just don’t get along and October 19, 2014 – my first day donning my rad Electro Phi Beta jacket – was no different… 🙁

Raining cats and dogs is quite the understatement…Looming clouds and raging showers is getting a little closer… Side winds coupled by torrential angel tears plummeting and flooding the city streets of New Mexico…yeah, that about sums it UP! :p

But that’s not why I brought you here… (crickets) I brought y’all here to talk about my freaking ELECTRO PHI BETA jacket by Janelle Monae!!!! Don’t act surprised! You bet your bottom dollar I got one! Only the coolest of the cool were able to cop one of these babies and ya girl did it! Is that the entire story though? Uh duh, of course, it’s not! 🙂

SOOOOO one HAUTE summer day my homie calls me and asked had I heard the “Electric Lady” song by songstress, Janelle Monae. Out of the loop, I had to shamefully admit that I hadn’t. 🙁 Quite pressing, he encouraged me to listen to it. Of course, I inquired why to which he replied that the lyrics reminded him of little ole me…

Being the fanatical Youtuber I am (be sure to check out my channel!), I took to my lovely app to lend my ears a listen. Trepid, I felt that. On pins and needles, I sat that. Butterflies in my stomach, I swallowed that. Why so nervous? Well, cuz I had NO CLUE what I was in store for! When it comes to my homie suggesting something, no telling WHAT it could be! :p

The questions I pondered…

  • Was it a song about a lady being electrocuted?
  • Was it a tune I was sure to turn?
  • Or was it simply a ballad depicting a one-of-a-kind woman who exuded nothing less than exuberance and appeal?

Luckily for my homie, it was the latter! 😉

So after a few thumb taps and slight delay from my WI-FI, I was able to engage in this theatrical masterpiece by the talented Janelle Monae…and let me tell you, I almost CRIED! In fact, I think I did shed a tear or two…but not NEARLY as many as those angels did on October 19, 2014, however! 🙂

The lyrics she wrote transformed into the words she spoke had me transfixed. I couldn’t believe it. I was FLOORED. Simply spellbound.


To have someone whose opinion means the world to me state that when he attended her concert and watched her perform this song, he couldn’t help but think of me…it spoke volumes. I just couldn’t fathom my homie, my confidant, my ride or DIE thinking of me as “a modern day Joan of Arc, or Mia Farrow!”

As y’all can probably denote from my palaver-worthy posts, talking too much is totally my thang, so blabbing about my homie’s admiration about me to ALL my family and friends (and now y’all) was definitely next on my agenda. With haste, I called everyone, bragging, gloating, and laying it on as thick as I could! Little did I know that MUCH more was in store! 😉

A couple of days passed which consisted of me prancing in my pj’s, belly dance costumes, and regular attire to the sweet sounds and mellifluous melodies of Miss Monae. My homie texted as usual. Nothing new…but what he asked on this one particular day peaked my interest. “What size jacket do you wear?” Weird question, right? Recanting my thoughts on how thick I truly think I am, I opted to tell him the truth – medium! But as inquisitive as a toddler, I just had to ask why he was asking me such nonsense! HERE he comes telling me that he was currently ordering me an ELECTRO PHI BETA jacket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m SPEECHLESS at this point! 😀 What did I do to deserve this? Maybe all my contributions to the Goodwill each year were finally paying off! :p Knowing how skeptical I can be, my homie sent me the receipt invoice which not only had my name, addy, and size, but also PROOF that he had, in fact, purchased it! That’s when the October 19, 2014 angel tears REALLY came! It was inevitable! Quite humbled by his benevolent behavior, I thanked him immensely. Nonchalantly, he emphasized how he earnestly wanted to do it and not to think anything of it! 🙂

What was next? Well, it was waiting time! 🙁 You see, these jackets were only exclusive to those who attended her concert. Yup, they got first dibs before everyone else. However, the kicker was that even though her fellow attendees received first dibs, shipping of the actual jacket was not scheduled until late September…DRATS! Upset I was, but who cares! I knew she was on her way!

Thinking I had the patience of Job, I psyched myself into thinking I could patiently await for my jacket’s arrival. How wrong was I? 30 days can feel like 60 if you’re not careful! My anticipatory nature coupled with my zealous spirit and love of fashion made those 30 days my most daunting yet!

Thank goodness my anticipation, angst, and anxiety were appropriately appeased by the time she came! Boy, was I happy! The FedEx man dashed up my stairs, rang my bell, pounded on my door, and left her sitting pretty! 😀 I ripped her open and have been rocking her avidly since!


Happily, I dedicate this post to my comrade…his benevolence and adorning words have not only kindled my spirit, but have also invigorated my soul. Did he think of me as an Electric Lady? YES! Did he purchase that stylish specimen of a jacket in order for me to look more like an Electric Lady? YES! Will I continue to be an Electric Lady?…….THAT’S the question to be answered and the very thing I strive to emulate each day. By golly, it’s hard…when I slip and make a transgression, I feel it deeply. I even question my actions before I do them to see if a typical Electric Lady would engage in such activities. Silly, I know…but living up to those standards can be quite the task…

A task I’m willing to accept.

I am a proud member of Electro Phi Beta.

I am an Electric Lady.

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully! <3

Shimmy Sistah

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