** Battle of I-10 **

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Revenge is best served COLD!!! Isn’t that how the saying goes?? Well, maybe our Battle of I-10 wasn’t FRIGID because it was a scorching 90 something degrees on Saturday. Plus, we DO play in the Southwest and we ARE surrounded by the vast desert sands mixed with having trees the size of bushes…And ANOTHER thing…I mean we really enjoy all things spicy which can ONLY imply that Tabasco Sauce is our staple ingredient!! Okay. I admit it. I’m making excuses.

My NMSU Aggies didn’t get the blue ribbon THIS TIME,  but that certainly doesn’t mean they didn’t put forth the effort! Those Aggie Men worked their butts off and didn’t even slack off in the end! I don’t know HOW many sporting events I’ve been to where players get discouraged after so many defeats and, therefore, succumb to giving up! It’s like the Hocus Pocus witches come and suck the life right out of them! Their BLITZES have no GLITZ and their SACKS are uber WHACK! And don’t get me started on the fans!!! 🙁 ugh! It chaps my hide to see them down in the dumps as well! Just up and leaving after the 1st half or during the second half of the second half (3rd quarter)!! 😛 God says all you need is the faith is a mustard seed…well Chicago Cubs Fans have all THAT and much more!! Their team hasn’t made it to the World Series since 1908, yet their optimism NEVER fades!! THOSE are the fans I like to see and that’s what I encountered during the “Battle of I-10” games this past weekend! 😀

Nonetheless, check out my photos I took and edited ALLLL by my lonesome!! Yup, I’m quite the photographer now, dontcha think?! 😉 Call me Lance Gross! Jk But I did have an immense amount of fun capturing and editing these pics using my handy dandy Font Candy and Photo Candy apps available in your App Store! Did I have as much fun editing as I did sipping my El Jimador on the coveted Cincinnati Street though???? Ummmm certainly NOT! Not to mention I saw one of my students during my GULP! Haha! Good times, great people, and making memories though!! Who can ask for more?!? 😀

Shimmy Sistah

Remember to Live Life, Beautifully! <3

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