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Okay, so I know I’m a bit OFF kilter! That’s nothing new; therefore, noticing that I’m rocking shorter hair as the months cool should be no biggie to you! 😉

The questions you all should be, and probably are pondering, however, is “Did Shimmy Sistah cut her RUSSET LOCKS or naw? (Kinda like GOLDILOCKS, but different…get it?…okay, maybe not!) Well……

The answer is NO! 😛 Naw, not THIS time, Shimmies! This is yet ANOTHER wig!

Here lately, I’ve been noticing that, contrary to my beliefs, I’m not as THICK as I once thought! 🙁 Since I weigh a meager Buck 25 and tower a nice 5’10 when I prance in my Steve Maddens, I figured it was time for me to hair-store DETOUR and stray away from those long tresses I usually rock! 😛

What route did I take? 1st stop, Tammi! Tammi is a “Deep L Part Invisible Lace Wig” by Freetress Equal! As y’all can see from the pics, her curls are just to DIE for! And let me tell you, their buoyancy, elasticity, and tendril pattern NEVER faded! 😀 Yes, the curls continued their pomp and circumstance to the sound of the beats I think I can rap too!

So y’all already know how much I RAVE about the fit of Freetress caps, so me telling you the fit was PERFECT should be no news to you as well! 🙂 With Tammi’s two clips @ the crown and adjustable straps @ the nape, you’re sure to relish in ALL her glory without missing a beat! 🙂

The color I’m brandishing is color 99J! This has been my go-2 color for quite some time now actually! It’s a close match to color #2 on the synthetic color palette, but the burgundy highlights add subtle dimension for those who may JUST be venturing into the WIG WORLD of color! 😀

As far as the maintenance and care are concerned…Well, they are pretty standard with Miss Tammi Belle! The simple paddle brush is all you need , but keep in mind that you won’t need it often. The simple method of combing through those locks with your freshly painted fingertips is ALL that’s needed to spruce her up each morning!

Overall, I must say, Tammi is definitely a wig I will reorder…and soon too! 99J is a newbie fave of mine, but I’m afraid that when I purchase her again, I will probably opt for the OP27! Check out more of Tammi by clicking here!


Remember to Live Life, Beautifully! <3

– Shimmy Sistah

P.S. Be sure to spray your new “Noir Tease” by Victoria’s Secret in her curls! When the wind blows or you whip your hair back-n-forth, others are sure to catch a whiff! They’ll be glad they did! 😉

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